Calm before the storm

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December 13th, 2013 7:08 pm

(EDIT: Note: It actually already started, but I wasn’t able to submit my post due to the site being offline :P)

Hey everybody! I just got a bunch of relaxing sleep (it’s about 3 AM) and now I’m motivated as hell. Let’s do this!

I actually wanted to do a live stream, but it seems that this won’t be possible without any issues, however I’ll try to do a timelapse instead.

And just because everyone else does it, I’ll show you my workstation:


A second screen would really be incredibly useful, but I dont have one :/ At least I have a second keyboard, because I don’t like programming on immovable and non-adjustable laptop keyboards. Oh, and that thing on the left doesn’t just look like an external HDD I fixed with duckt tape, It actually is.

Anyway, dood luck everybody! 😉

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