Hey guys, it’s Jake.

Tomorrow’s the beginning of an exciting weekend! I can’t wait to get started!

Anyway for quite some time now I’ve been a bit frustrated with the effort necessary to support multiple sources of input for performing the same actions. Either the chains of endless ||s and &&s, or not having everything exactly the same between control schemes it always gets confusing and hard to work with. For some time I’ve wanted to solve this problem by making scripts that handle all the various input sources for you so you can just have one check before performing the appropriate actions.
Well friends, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finished it!

I call it the Simple Input Library and it is completely free to use, with or without crediting me, to anyone at all! Each script should be pretty self-explanatory for the most part. I’ll probably write more detailed documentation and possibly add more features in the future, but for now I hope my fellow Ludum Darers will be able to get some use out of this.

This was really fun to make so I hope you enjoy it!


Note: The GM8 and GMS versions are different! use the correct one for your version of GM.

Please feel free to report any bugs in the comments of this post or send them to MetroidMan347@gmail.com



~Jake Janzen – ClockBot Games


2 Responses to “The Simple Input Library for Game Maker 8 and Game Maker: Studio”

  1. xot says:

    Good luck, Jake! I hope folks find this useful. :)

  2. MetroidMan347 says:

    Thank you very much, sir! I’ll do my best! 😀

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