Make way yo

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December 12th, 2013 5:02 am



just so you know

the Jiggatrain has no brakes

unless the gubmint insists

but the crowd wants physics

and physics games

with eccentric humor

and lots of yelling


So, the time has come once again to get done in 3 days what would usually take 3 weeks. For those not in the know like I am, I’m talking about something called Ludum Dare.

Despite making the most confusing games, I never seem to get top scores in Innovation, mostly because the gudgrafix foolgarbage Hacker News businessmen, with coats hanging on their shoulders by the index finger, voting for the “free 2 play” theme, wearing jeans instead of long johns, not thinking alcohol is necessary during development, while instead thinking 20 seconds is enough to judge my games, or to read the manual that I actually bothered to write for once, or to even press the shooting key once, are sniping my scores.

So I’ve decided to take a different route, to aim for #1 in Humor. My tool will be the now-usual Flashpunk with frivolous abuse of function pointers, but my mindset will be different.

Which means watching will be surprising and exciting like never before (which was last time when I was just testing things out).

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  1. aVoX says:

    +1 for the tags

  2. TobiasW says:

    I was wondering where your “I’m in!” post is. Welcome back – looking forward to the most cryptic humor game I’ve ever played!

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