LDTK – A Ludum Dare Toolkit for LibGDX

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December 12th, 2013 2:08 pm

I’m definitely in, and I’m declaring the library that I’m using with this tongue-in-cheek press release…


LDTK – a Ludum Dare Toolkit for LibGDX

LDTK is a toolkit that makes it easy to get your LibGDX game up and running for Ludum Dare.

LibGDX is a hugely powerful library and a great toolkit for building games and game frameworks. However, it takes time and thought to build a good framework, because there are so many ways of doing things, and time is the one luxury that you don’t have during a Ludum Dare weekend.

That’’s where LDTK comes in.

LDTK makes it even easier to use LibGDX, offering the following benefits:

  • Easy state management. You no longer need to worry about switching between screens. LDTK does this for you. For example, simply tell it that you want to change state from Playing to Menu and it will automate that process for you.
  • Convention-based asset management. Assets can be loaded automatically, or on demand, then later retrieved by name. Unused assets can be unloaded when they are no longer needed.
  • Simplified APIs. LibGDX has a hugely flexible API, offering a huge variety of options, but often all you want to do is display an image on the screen, centred on a particular coordinate. LDTK focuses on those common use cases, but it doesn’t get in your way if you want to drop down to something more complicated.
  • An adaptive viewport. LDTK automatically adjusts the camera to fit the window, scaling it and changing the aspect ratio to fit your requirements.
  • A kernel. All of LDTK’s functionality is driven by a simple, easily extended kernel.
  • A microframework not a wrapper. LDTK is a microframework that lets you use as much or as little of LibGDX as you’d like. It doesn’t attempt to hide LibGDX – it merely makes it easier to use.

“I wrote LDTK to let developers focus on their game,” said Rod Hyde of Badly Drawn Games. “I found that at least 50% of my time during Ludum Dare was spent reinventing the wheel when I should have been creating a game. I’m pleased to bring the benefits of LDTK to Ludum Dare.”

To get started, simply clone it now from github

“Until he wrote LDTK, Rod was unable to code a convincing game of Pong, but now his games are mind-blowingly good and he has started to seem quite attractive as a result,” said Jessica, his long suffering spouse. “Now he sits down at his keyboard making games that I would actually want to play.”

LDTK is available now. To learn more and get started with LDTK, clone it now on github.

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