I’m in for my first Ludum Dare !

December 12th, 2013 12:10 pm

I’m in for my first Ludum Dare !


  • Development: Construct 2
  • Graphics: Photoshop
  • Sound: sfxr
  • Music: (I’m not sure yet, probably a tool that allows you to create 16-bits music)

It will be awesome !

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  1. GreaseMonkey says:

    Here, try this (and then find something that can render the output to a file): http://www.delek.com.ar/deflemask

    For a good FM slap bass, chain 3 ops using these multipliers in order from modulator (input) to carrier (output): 12, 0, 1. If you use the >– formation (I think it’s 1 but I could be wrong) then use the first, third, and fourth ops respectively (so you can get the FM feedback on the first modulator for more grunt). You’ll want fairly sharp decays on the first two ops in the chain (1st and 3rd in the 1,3,4 arrangement respectively), but you’ll also want fairly high sustain (SR) – you will be playing with SR and TL a fair bit here.

    Attack (AR) = 15 in most cases.
    Release (RR) = about 8 in most cases.

    As a general rule, any of AR, DR, D2R, RR follows an inverse exponential scale (AR is an exception as it follows a slightly different scale) – a DR of x+1 lasts twice as long as a DR of x… although if DR == 0 then the note doesn’t “decay”.

    0% -AR-> 100% -DR-> SR -D2R-> 0%
    although as soon as you release the note, RR kicks in. If you set D2R to 0, it won’t go to 0% – it will just stay at SR until you release. If RR is 0, it will stay at the “current” level when you release the note (note off).

    An increase of TL by 1 multiplies the volume by some number between 0 and 1 (I think it’s maybe a 1.5dB attenuation? Could be quite wrong.)

    For a good organ, use the 4-way additive formation (I think it’s 7) and set the multipliers to 1, 3, 5, 7. Mess with the tone level (TL) of each op to find something suitable.

    For a good brass, use the -E formation (5 or 6?), set the first op to have an attack rate (AR) of not-15 (6 might work?), and set the multipliers to 1, 2, 3, 4 respectively, or something like that – I forget exactly what you want here, but I’m pretty sure the last 3 ops are 2,3,4. You may want a not-15 AR for the last 3 ops, but ideally you’d want the attacks for the last 3 ops to be faster (a higher AR) than the attack for the first op. (You’ll also want to enable vibrato (FMS) – but don’t go overboard!)

    For good drums… use samples. FM synth is notorious for producing terrible drums.

    For a typical FM elec guitar, you use the = formation (I really don’t remember which one this is) and then set the multipliers to… I really can’t remember.

    This might demonstrate some of the stuff: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32094129/dm01.dmf
    Here’s an MP3 rendition: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32094129/dm01.mp3

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