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December 12th, 2013 12:11 am

I am in for my 4th Ludum Dare.

However, this time I am trying it in a new language. And I don’t mean just new for me. I’m talking about a language still under development.

It’s called Rust, and it is being developed by Mozilla. See here for more info.

This is a risky move, as a bug in the language may cause problems for me, but if that happens, I will just fall back to Java, my primary language.

I am working hard on porting my Java library over the Rust before the compo starts. If I don’t, I’ll fall back to Java.
Below are links to the Github repositories, but they are mostly empty at the time of writing this post. I have a lot of work to do.

I haven’t been using Rust very long, and the strict compile-time safety is quite hard to get used to, and it doesn’t help I’m not used to pointers and such, but hopefully I’ll be fine.

I don’t think I’ll get sound this time (Still haven’t got around to learning OpenAL).

Anyway, I’ll skip to the info.

Language: Rust.
Libraries: gl-rs, glfw-rs, and my own personal libraries: hgutils-core-rs and hgutils-opengl-rs.
Tools: KATE (KDE Advanced Text Editor), Paint.JAVA (In-development cross-platform Paint.NET clone, started by me).
Food: Whatever I can find.
Goals: To not make the game too hard like every other LD entry I’ve done so far.

Good Luck, and have fun.


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