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December 12th, 2013 3:11 pm

This is an official challenge to all Ludum Dare gamedevs.

This weekend, your quest is to put a BIEBER somewhere in your game as an “easter egg”.

This “Bieber challange” will be like a meta game in which everyone tries to find the kittens in each game they play. You know you want to.

Do it – for the love of Bieber. For the love of meta. For the love of all things LD48.

Edit: I was cool enough to make an icon that you should put in your game title screen or game thumbnail screenshots so we know to look for your Bieber:

Finally, be sure to post to the blog using the “bieber-challenge” and “easter-egg” tags.

Here are the tragic results of theme voting. Where’s the Bieber love?

1. You Only Get One +499
2. Break The System +351
3. Contamination +101
4. Four Elements +72
5. End of The Universe +71
6. Clones +58
7. Malfunction -66
8. Strength In Numbers -92
9. Lost -111
10. Insanity -123
11. Dig Deeper -130
12. Survival -152
13. The Beginning is The End -199
14. Regeneration -236
15. Time and Space -257
16. Reflection -262
17. Shadow -282
18. Closed Doors -333
19. The Fourth Dimension -596
20. Differences -843
21. Bieber 4Evar <3 -2082


12 Responses to “BIEBER CHALLENGE”

  1. ViKingGames says:

    Everyone must do this. I know I am!

  2. daOyster says:

    I’m in for this!

  3. Suese says:

    Uhg, not more context-driven themes!

    I’m not into the 12-year-old-game-dev culture here people! I don’t know where these stupid ideas come from, but I know they have to do with the festering popularity contest raging in the bowels of 4chan and the rest of the internet.

    Clearly, “You only get one” is a huge context-driven theme based on a few recently popular crappy games that have given you “Just one” match, or “Just one” bullet.

    I’m assuming break the system comes from a recent influx of crappy games that involve purposefully-glitching programs and broken English (System break, so excite!).

    Why can’t we just have basic one-word themes that aren’t being up-voted based on any particular pop-culture context?

  4. udo says:

    Yeah. I’m not doing this. Potatoes, fine. Even “downvote me” or stuff like that, okay, I’ll work with that. But everyone has there limits and this is mine :)

  5. eemmbbeerr says:

    Is it legal to use a justin bieber song downloaded from youtube in the game?

    • thedeadlybutter says:

      Even though it’s for non commercial use you cannot use it. Will anyone send you a takedown request / copyright infringement for a silly LD game? No.

  6. YellowLime says:



  7. hamster_mk_4 says:

    I look at the joke themes as a challenge. “Are you good enough a game dev to make something interesting out of this silly idea?” I have been surprised by the brilliance of some of the previous joke theme implementations and I am sure some of us will do like wise for Bieber.

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