Some pointers for streaming in Linux please?

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December 11th, 2013 9:48 pm

I’m going to participate in this LD as well :-)

The plan is not going to be much different from my previous Ludum Dares: I’m using LibGDX as the base for my game, with crummy programmer graphics based on Gimp and Inkscape. This time around I plan to use Abundant Music to generate the music and, hopefully, create a consistent music experience around the game that is not Autotracker (nothing against autotracker, I just want to try something different).

My last two games have been simple things with a tablet-oriented interface. Unless I get some very good idea, I’ll probably do the same this time around.

To shake things up a bit, Instead of doing a time-lapse based on still shots of my desktop taken every few seconds, I was planning to live stream my programming. However, I am having problem finding a good straming solution for linux. I have tried a bunch of packages and followed some tutorials on the web, but all of them failed in a way or another.

So if anyone has success stories streaming (or even just recording desktop video) on Linux, please share! I don’t mind paying some $$ on streaming/screen recording software if I have to.


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  1. Cognizant Game Studios says:

    Ive done this before successfully I’ve created/edited a couple shell scripts that really helped me with this you can download them at

    The twitch streaming shell script runs in your home directory.

    Cheers :)

  2. TobiasW says:

    Caranha! Hey! I don’t have any pointers to streaming on Linux – but I’m looking forward to play your game!

  3. IndieRetro says:

    For streaming in Linux I use Simple Screen Recorder. Its a fantastic bit of software that works a charm.

    I have no problems streaming in 1080p with no performance hit! The website has a few pages to the left on how to set it up for streaming, its really not that hard to get working.

    Streaming sound with it is really simple too, if you get stuck make sure you read the comments on the site as there tends to be some useful information.

    OH, and if you do get really stuck and need some help I have used this software for a little while now and know some stuff, so feel free to contact me via my contact page on my website:

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