I’m in if it’s the last thing I do.

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December 11th, 2013 8:47 pm

These past few weeks have been particularly hard for me, so this is going to provide me with much needed relaxation.



Code: I actually have a lot of tricks up my sleeve for this one. Depending on the theme (and, therefore, my idea), I will be using either Python, JavaScript, or Unity. For example, last LD I was going to use Python and pygame to realize my first idea. But when I realized it was too large for the 48 hours, I whipped out JavaScript and made my specialty – choose-your-own-adventure games. Last time I couldn’t have made a sufficient game in Unity, but I’ve been working in it for the past two months, so I feel comfortable with it now. But yeah. It all depends on what type of game I want.

Music: FamiTracker; Audacity; ukulele and keyboard; Anvil Studio

Graphics: Photoshop CS2 or procedurally generated graphics. If I use Unity, I will use Blender for models.

Fonts: I like making my own fonts. I will either use FontStruct or use code to go through text I draw to make it look like it’s a font. That’s a possibility too.


Good luck to all of you guys out there. I’ll post my “Things I’ve learned since last time” likely tomorrow, and then do the fan-art thing like I did last time whenever game voting starts. That’s still totally a thing I will be doing.

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  1. Nsmurf says:

    Relax? Ludum Dare? You and I must do things differently. 😛

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