Boo: Too Busy! D: (… maybe)

Posted by (twitter: @BrainSlugs83)
December 11th, 2013 2:27 am

Really want to do this — and actually keep it simple enough to finish an entry for once — but dammit — I’ll probably be working my balls off this weekend, making sure an over budget / behind schedule product ships. — or sleeping — :-/

Choices, choices…

If I do do it, it’s going to be like a super-simple, ridiculously small scale game — maybe even in WinForms… — super casual — and I’ll probably take all 3 days and only put like 4-8 hours in a day — if that.  .NET, BFXR, and PaintBrush… — not shooting for the moon this time — no overconfidence to slow me down — if somebody can recommend a better suite to make animated sprites, I’m listening, the tools section selection is kind of balls…

Dammit all to hell, I think I just talked myself into doing it… I’ll get a project template set up, I guess… and … but… If the theme sucks, I’m not forcing it…


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