A Frenchman in the competition !

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December 11th, 2013 12:50 pm

Hello ! My name is Yoann, I’m a 16, I live in France and I’ll participate at this 28 Ludum Dare competition ! This is, not sparta, but just my first time and I hope that i will create something interesting.

My game will be certainly available in english and french.

I will use RPG maker vx ace and may be sfxr.

I hope that we will have a good theme, not “You only get one”, vote against ! Corruption and chaos sound better ☺ !


Too bad that Sunday I will go to my aunt’s birthday, this is gonna take me precious hours :( !


Well… that’s all, good luck everyone !

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  1. GreaseMonkey says:

    Corruption and chaos are probably some of the better one-word themes. But in general, one-word themes suck, e.g. “Discovery” and “Alone” were both awful.

    Come to think of it, “Chaos” is pretty awful. “Corruption” I can deal with, though.

    “You only get one” is a solid theme, really.

  2. Hey, t’es pas le seul français… ;-P

    Bonne chance!

  3. TPHRyan says:

    One-word themes are abstract enough to provoke a lot of creativity.

    THAT SAID, “You only get one” was voted positively by me, and “corruption” and “chaos” were downvoted, as horrible, overdone themes that were only upvoted in the first place because they sounded cool. ^_^

  4. Gaspard_ says:

    Alors toi aussi tu sera là à 3h du matin, pour connaître le thème?
    Bonne chance!

  5. yoanndeplo says:

    Merci les gars, bonne chance à vous aussi !

    If I don’t want the theme “You only get one”, it’s because I’m not sure to understand it ^^.

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