Mine is deadmau5.

Please share your favorite music,

9 Responses to “What is your favorite music to listen to when programming?”

  1. Thecoolestnerdguys says:

    I like to listen to VGM, specially chiptune, most of the time.
    For LD 28, I made a super ultra mega VGM playlist, with over 27 hours of length! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP7fNJaGzYfhF6KAnEdWkPYzD0H2-tqcf

  2. torcado194 says:

    LAPFOX 😀
    And protodome. all the way man.
    last time i listened to noisechan and nugget: adventures in chiptunes. that was a fun time

  3. Ditto says:

    I tend to listen to Venetian Snares and general dnb to get me stressed up. Soft piano like Ludovico Einaudi music when I need to relax, 😀 I work better stressed out!

  4. Katamori says:

    The full OST set of Sim City 4. Relaxing and fantastic.

  5. Meganopteryx says:

    OCRemix, Lapfox, John Williams (cinematic)…that’s pretty much it. Maybe some Daft Punk thrown in there for fun.

    I get bored of music easily so I like to change it up, but usually upbeat and chippy stuff works well.

  6. zebi24 says:

    FEZ soundtrack!

  7. fullmontis says:

    I don’t listen to music, I find it distracting… Is it just me? Every single dev stream I watch has some music in it.

    • xerostyle says:

      I totally agree with you. If I do have something going in the background, it’s going to be something soft, definitely without any vocals going on. I just can’t focus as much as I’d like when there’s music playing.

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