Different time zones inconveniences

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December 10th, 2013 1:10 am

Hello there, guys and gals.

Wanted to share some thought of me with you concerning time distribution and participating.

The thing is that in some countries compo starts real late at night. But this is not the main problem, cause you can just go to sleep earlier, and get up earlier. The main problem is that this result in late ending time ( i finished last ludum dareat about 5 in the morning at monday, good thing i didnt have to go to work back then, and i could afford staying up so much).

So i was wondering, if maybe we can come up with the system, that allows you to enter earlier, and also finish earlier.

I understand that its can be scammed just by asking  people that already started doing the game what the theme is. But i can deal with that, if that will allow me just to go to bed in time, and not to be extremely sleepy at work on the other day.



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  1. strigonLeader says:

    I think it might be possible to make the theme hidden unless you’re logged into your account and make the accounts region locked so you can only view it’s time in your region. You press the button to reveal and your own personal timer goes off and you have to submit before the end of it. You can always try to get the theme of other people but for them to tell would be unsporting I think.

    • CustomPhase says:

      Yeah, exactly.
      I really think that here might be people that will just post the theme on twitter or any other places anonymously. All we can do is hope that there are a lot of developers that wont do such scamming.

  2. mrspeaker says:

    Eh, I think it’s too bad if your timezone sucks (mine does)… maybe it would be interesting if when they announced each LD they also unveiled the “host timezone” – like the olympics. Sometimes you’d get good ones, sometimes they’d suck… that could be part of the fun.

  3. johnfn says:

    You get the same amount of time as anyone else does, don’t you? Your real problem is just that you decide to make yourself suffer more because you can stay up till the deadline! 😛

    • sorceress says:

      We all get the same number of hours waking and sleeping, but…

      1) People who are asleep during theme announcement (Europe) will be theme-less for about 6 hours, making the compo effectively 6 hours shorter. While those who catch the theme before bedtime (Americas) can “sleep on it”.

      2) People who experience LD spread over 3 days (USWest+Australia), benefit because they get two half days and only one exhausting crunch day, while Europe has to endure two exhausting crunch days, and no half days.

      Despite this, I like that we all use the same countdown timer, and that we don’t have staggered starting times. I like how that sets pace, so we can compare progress with one another. I like how the excitement of starting and finishing is more or less a shared experience between everybody.

      With staggered starting times, I’d fear that having people trickle in and out of the contest would detract from the shared experience and overall excitement of LD.

  4. ratking says:

    Just make a smaller game. Sounds unfair, but really it’s an advantage if you limit yourself, as you’re more likely to finish then …

  5. Tavibo says:

    For my time zone it’s starts at 3am. And what I do is to get a Day off. At least my company gives me that day because they think it’s a good thing to participate.

  6. Codexus says:

    Actually, I think we have an advantage in Europe. If you’re in the US you’ll need to sleep 2 nights during the compo, but if you’re in Europe you can sleep early on Friday and wake up early the Saturday morning only losing a few hours and then you only have to stop to sleep once more during the compo.

    And yes I remember going to work without getting any sleep after some LD, in fact last time I had to do that and when I came home I finished my game for the jam deadline as I couldn’t finish for the compo. Fortunately, this time I took some days off so everything should be fine :)

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