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    My votes in round one

    Posted by (twitter: @_sorceress)
    December 9th, 2013 9:33 am

    Some favourites:

    • Three Worlds: Perhaps my favourite in this round. It makes me imagine portals between three separate zones, or the interraction of three civilisations. It makes me think of the three starcraft races, and the three realms of Land, Sea and Air. Also the “three worlds theory” of Capitalist, Communist, and Developing nations. Three is an interesting number for creating complex relationships and non-transitive sets. It could lead to some interesting world building too.
    • Trapped: This has much overlap with the Escape theme from two years ago, which I thought was a good, accessible, versatile theme. Trapped allows for subtle variations, for example if escape is impossible, the player must accept their fate. Some emotion stirring and thought provoking games could come from that!
    • Night and Day: In the day you punch trees and build a shelter. And at night the monsters come out! ARGHHHH! Besides this obvious trope, there are lots of interesting things you could do with the opportunities and terrors that night time brings. eg, Escape from Colditz; Secret Spy Mission; Remembering your route and trying to find your way back in the dark.

    2 Responses to “My votes in round one”

    1. Fritzendugan says:

      sooo…..why are people up-voting free2play exactly?

    2. johnfn says:

      I’m glad you liked free worlds. That was one of my favorite and I was sad to see it towards the bottom of the voting list.

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