Ahoy there, over the last few weeks I put together a Lua engine for making games. It has a dozen functions:

– params_get(k) / params_set(k,v)
– file_load(name)
– file_save(name,data)
– view_set(x,y,w,h)
– image_draw(name,x,y,w,h)
– sample_play(name)
– stream_play(name)
– stream_stop(name)
– font_draw(name,points,text,x,y)
– font_size(name,points,text)
– ext_call(action,data)

I used it to make this game for #1GAM last month: Turkey Tomahawk Turbo. If you think the game looks exciting, the Lua code is right in there, and you can modify the files and write your own game with it. I also ported the engine over to JavaScript so you could also release your game to the webs.

I’ll probably use some of the GUI / Tile rendering code that is in those Lua files. It’s pretty simple stuff.

Anyway, that’s my official base code declaration for this upcoming LD! If you end up trying out my engine, do email me or something I’d like to see what you made.


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