Back Again. Dilated.

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December 8th, 2013 11:58 am

It is time. The moment the whole world has collectively been waiting for. The next installment in the timeless Rude Bear franchise.

This’ll be my fourth LD, and boy am I nervous! Every Ludum Dare I compete in the jam with my housemate @Panttts who makes the graphics, to make a game in the Rude Bear series.

It started with LD25 with Rude Bear:

Rude Bear

You can tell we went all out on the animation budget.

Then there was the one we don’t talk about:

Radfish paralyses you and then his babies feast on you.

It may have been a buggy mess but I still loved it like a terrible, disappointing child.

And finally there was Rude Bear Radio:

2D Animation of a Dancing Radio from Rude Bear Radio in Unity

Redefining the definition of “Easy Mode” for a generation.

Incredibly, RBR (As in, Rude Bear Radio, not that other one) made the front page of Gamasutra:

Right under Gabe. Including Russian Roulette.

As well as the Freeware Pick, one of many of the Ludum Dare 27 highlights by and being picked on The AV Club’s Gameological society by the lovely Derrick Sanskrit, (“There are eight micro-games in all, ranging from awful to sort-of-cute-I-guess” quote unquote).

So what this really means is, the next Rude Bear game has to be even better.

And that scares me.

The ace up my sleeve this time, though, is going to be focusing on making a game that you can play for 1 minute without losing. I’m going to try really, really hard not to make it impossibly difficult this time around.

Plus proper hit detection, mutter mutter.

I’m going to be using Unity’s new 2D engine this time, bada bing. Should save me a bunch of time I spent dilly dallying last time with invisible colliders last time.

We wanted to do a vastly different game genre every time, but we’re running out of genres we both like. We won’t know what it’ll be until the theme comes out, but since I want to get some more practise in with Unity2D, it’s likely going to be some kind of platformer/run n gun/blah.

Also, I’m releasing my first commercial game in 2 days!

2D Animation of Rotation Station's title screen in Unity

This is the part where you bookmark this in your browser for Tuesday.

What this does mean is that there could be some kind of super horrifying glitch (.. though hopefully not) that I have to attend to at some point during the jam. I really, really, really hope this isn’t the case.

But anyway, yeah!

Bring it on. Rude Bear’s back.

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