QQQQQQQ – Yet Another LibGDX Basecode

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December 5th, 2013 6:07 pm

Well here I am with a LibGDX basecode for LD28. It is just a combination of various libraries I greedily taken from Badlogicgames forum (http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/) – LibGDX creator’s forum. I haven’t tested it and will probably create a warmup weekend entry soon. My aim is to build a 2D game, maybe yet another platformer, maybe not.

Here’s the download link: http://www.filedropper.com/qqqqqqq

I’m very very sorry for the hugely inappropiate download link for the basecode, because I’m quite in a panic state when I upload it, so I just Googled a “free file upload without login” and upload it there. When I realized my mistake, I’m too lazy to upload the file to another place because it took a good 15 minutes to upload – by the way, I’m in Indonesia. I promise I’ll use a “more appropiate” download link next time.

At this time, I am quite busy with various projects and my personal website, but I think I have some spare time to create a warmup and test the basecode. There’s a college exam for the next week (from 9th to 14th), but it’s not much of a problem (heh). I’m racing to complete the projects before LD28. Heh.

Apart from the basecode, I also used Bfxr and Sfxr. Guess you have also downloaded it, so I don’t have to post the download link. I don’t know about background music and don’t know how to create one – perhaps I’ll try and come up with some “creative ideas”.

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  1. caranha says:

    From another LibGDX user, good luck and have fun!

    It would be nice if you put up a list of the libraries in your package in your post :-) That would give people ideas for their own codebases, or suggestions for you.

    As for the music problem you mentioned in the previous post, here are some suggestions:
    – Autotracker is the most often used automatic music maker in LD. Some would say overused. But if you never heard an autotracker tune before, you will find it quite nice. Also, it was made for LD :-)
    – Something that I want to play with this LD is “Abundant Music”. It is like Sfxr for Music – plenty of parameters, maybe too many parameters, to fiddle with. But I like the ability to change just a couple of parameters while keeping all others constants to create a “family” of songs.
    – I did post a few other suggestions in a past post of mine in the LD block, since I always had the same problem with music. Take a look if you will 😀


    • t.kesgar says:

      Wow, thank you so much for a comment. *glomp* I’ll list the libraries for the warmup post and try the stuff you’re suggesting. LD28 is my first attempt at LD, and it would be nice if I can make a decent one on the first attempt.

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