I’m in. Hardmode.

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December 4th, 2013 1:43 pm


This wouldn’t be the first or even the second time.

Tools: Unity 3d, Blender, Substance Designer, Photon Unity Networking, A* Pathfinding Project, Audacity, etc…

I’ll be livestreaming the whole thing, as usual.

P.S.  Still new to game programming? Check out my Unity 3d tutorials.








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  1. Suese says:

    I intend to make my 48 hour compo entry MMO using AS3 and PHP.

    I also made an original online board game for a Mini Ludum Dare once. Check it out, it’s called “Command War”

  2. Codexus says:

    Good luck!

    I’ve been watching a lot of your videos lately (civ v mostly and some hearthstone) and at some point you mentioned using Unity yourself and I was like “mmm, isn’t this guy a ludum darer?”

    Now I remember your games… I enjoyed Kittenzilla a lot.

  3. marsinvader says:

    LOL, nice one.

    Maybe I’ll try this “hardcore mode” myself.

    Good Luck!

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