I’m in! Full Jam Mode Edition!

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December 4th, 2013 2:00 pm

Hey guys! It’s me again! 😀

So I’ve been wondering what to do for this LD since I’ve been feeling like I have been stagnating a bit and redoing some of the same things over and over again while my games don’t get more popular.

I thought about trying to go like all 2D and pixels and all that retro shit that’s popular with the kids and I’ll be rich and famous and everything…

But NO! I won’t sell out, somebody has to stand for 3d graphics and draw a line. Pixels this far and no further!

So I’ll do the exact opposite. I have been entering my games in the Jam category but I still made my games mostly according to the stricter compo rules. But this time I won’t do that. I’ll use all the resources available to avoid reinventing the wheel and basically try to see how far I can go in 3 days without any restrictions.

I suspect some people won’t like it and I’ll probably get some bad votes due to that. However, I will fully document what I use so that you’ll be able to judge fairly.

Anyway, here’s my traditional previous entries picture and…



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