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December 3rd, 2013 5:57 pm

Hey everyone,

Nice to meet you all. I’ve been watching Ludum Dare for a while and have finally decided to give it a shot this time. I’m not a super experienced programmer, but I’ve been fiddling with Unity for a little while and am looking forward to seeing what I can make in 48 hours. I do have a quick question about the rules, so it would be awesome if some more experienced jammers could enlighten me.

What’s the rule on using (1) online tutorials and (2) Unity assets? Like I said, I’m pretty inexperienced, so I tend to check out a lot of online tutorials while working out code. If I end up using any of the code from tutorials or forums online, would that be problematic? Should I avoid using tutorials entirely, or post the code that I find useful from tutorials? And I’m not planning on downloading assets from the Unity store or anything, but was just wondering what the rule on the default assets, like character controllers and skyboxes is (I’ll probably end up making a 2D game but I figured I’d ask just in case).

Thanks in advance for the help and I look forward to giving this thing a shot in the coming week.

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  1. Atmospherium says:

    Welcome aboard!

    A major part of Ludum Dare is learning and growing over the course of the jam. Tutorials are a great way to get insight into how your code could be improved, but definitely don’t replicate a tutorial and call it your entry. I would recommend taking the time to code as much as possible without looking online (wrestling through your code is the best way to learn), but if you find that you’re stumped, tutorials or forum posts are a great resource to tap into. There’s also the IRC channel that’s pretty active during the weekend, and it’s a great place to get tips and feedback. Most people are willing to share code ideas or at least point you in the right direction.

    Regarding Unity assets, there will be people with different perspectives on what’s acceptable. Some people view LD as a game programming challenge and others view it as a game design challenge. If you’re wanting to focus on programming, try to avoid premade assets and create the code yourself. If you’re wanting to focus on design, feel free to use assets. In either case, make sure that you’re designing the game YOU want to make and that you aren’t just taking the basic unity assets and calling that a game.

    My opinion is that it’s fine to use assets as long as you’re still in control of your game design. Don’t just throw together a bunch of built-in controllers, textures, and geometry and call it your entry. Make your own art, customize the character controls, show your creativity. Make the game YOUR creation. Bad character art and sloppy controls that are your own creation are more beneficial for your development than allowing Unity to do all the work for you. Figure out what you want to improve on over the weekend and make sure to focus your efforts on that aspect of the game creation.

    Good luck in the coming weeks.

  2. invaderJim says:

    I second everything Atmospherium just said.

  3. Sandcrawler says:

    Compo Rules:
    1. Tutorials are fine to reference, but if its the things on the internet that pass as tutorials (but really you just copy and paste the code together) I would avoid them and try to work it out your way. In my experience there are many way to reach a goal in code, some better than others. The way you code will be different than someone else.

    2. I would say Unity Assets are a no, as it goes against creating the game, assets, and code within 48hours.

    Jame Rules (72hours)
    You can basically use any sources you want. So if you want to use unity assets just make it a Jam entry, you get an extra 24 hours, and relaxed… almost no rules.

  4. Suese says:

    If you are entering the 72 hour JAM

    1. use tutorials all you want
    2. use assets all you want

    If you entering the 48 hour COMPETITION

    1. don’t use a tutorial for your entry
    2. don’t use any art/music/sfx assets you did not create during the competition yourself, solo.

  5. CarlsonAndPeeters says:

    Thanks for all the responses everyone!

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