Ludum Dare 28 Theme Slaughter!

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December 2nd, 2013 11:37 am

It’s Slaughter Time!

All this week, help us reduce the thousands of themes submitted to a more manageable size using our patent pending (not really) Sosowski hot-or-not slaughtering technology. Also, my thanks again to Sorceress for helping out.

Theme Voting begins this weekend!

19 Responses to “Ludum Dare 28 Theme Slaughter!”

  1. MrBlade says:

    I think this is a really great way to sort out the theme and is extremely effective.

  2. yetanother says:

    could be cool to have shortcuts like for example “+” for good and “-” for bad.

  3. Osgeld says:

    I have never understood the 3 options… “this theme really sucks, but not enough to kill?”

  4. I think a simple like/dislike would be sufficient. After a certain number of dislikes, the entry is removed from the database or flagged to appear less often or removed for this round, flagged, and can appear next LD.

    But simple like/dislike is binary and how humans, rotten tomatoes, and most things should work.

  5. Madball says:

    Did I miss the theme suggestion?

  6. Codexus says:

    All the themes are awful! O_O

    • Gjarble says:

      There do seem to be a higher proportion of bad-to-good themes than I remember seeing in the past, but I’ve found a few gems. My favorites so far (besides my own perennial suggestion of “Perspective”) are “Borders”, “Connections”, and “You Only Get One”.

    • sorceress says:

      Every time I prepare the theme slaughter list from the suggestions received, I fear there aren’t enough good themes in there!

      Looking at the slaughter results so far, the top scoring 15% look fine, and everything outside of the top 30% looks awful. So even though there are a lot of bad themes – don’t worry – there’s easily 100 good themes to take forward to the theme voting stage this weekend. :)

  7. Ozmlek says:

    I thought the theme was Slaughter.

  8. t.kesgar says:

    Perhaps at least one devil will create a script that clicks Good, Bad, or Slaughter randomly. Perhaps a devil I am.

  9. fferro234 says:

    Not liking these themes so far. Almost everything seems more like an element in a game instead of a theme. I feel like we need more english majors to come up with actual themes besides ‘Meat’, ‘Actors’ or ‘Clouds’.

  10. Bcadren says:

    You really should have paired these down first…I mean ‘Noise’ ‘Sound’ ‘Noise Theme’ all came up…etc.

    • sorceress says:

      There were over 2000 themes suggested. Searching for pairs in that list would take a prohibitively long time. So no, we don’t do that for the theme slaughter. The purpose of the slaughter is to extract a short list of about 150 good themes out of the 2000+ suggestions.

      This short list we can process thoroughly, eliminating (most) conceptually similar themes, and getting a final list of about 100 ready for the next stage of voting. This in itself is often a 2 hour collaboration, as we weigh up each theme against the alternatives.

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