Day 3 – To Do

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December 1st, 2013 10:13 am

First off, to anyone reading this–when exactly does today’s LD end? Is it at a specific time, or just midnight, relative to whomever is doing the dare?

Last day. I’m fortunate that my game happens to be significantly less complicated than everyone else’s, so I have the luxury of effectively being finished, then having an entire day to polish things up. The downside is that I’ve decently recreated everything that I’d intended, so I’m not quite sure on what direction to go with said polishing, aside from the inclusion of music and sound effects. I suppose that’s part of the learning experience.

Major Goals

  • Sound Effects – 100%
    I expect that I’ll just use the sound effects created for the Atari 2600 version, since they’ll be simple to acquire and appropriate for the retro-inspired style I had intended.
    UPDATE: I’ve got some sound effects in, most of them simply recorded from the 2600 version of Heartbreak, though I generated a couple with DrPetter’s awesome SFXr, made for LudumDare participants, as it so happens. The sounds that I chose aren’t particularly great, but sound engineering is something I have zero experience in. May be a field worth learning more about for the future, particularly if I intend to keep participating in dares like this.
  • Title Screen – 100%
    This took the longest. I’ve been working on the title/credits screens for half the day. My desire to make things as “neat” as possible has resulted in an absolute mess of code all over the place as the entire game only uses three rooms, one that only initializes two variables before kicking the player to the title screen, and one that just scrolls credits on screen, since it seemed easier to use a unique room than to modify an existing room. The remaining room handles all levels and the title screen based on what global.level is set to. It’s both elegant, and an absolute mess.
  • Music Integration – 100%
    This went off fairly well, especially since the songs I’m using from list the BPMs of the songs, making it a lot easier to make them feel integrated. In hindsight, there is a song for the last three levels of the game that may be almost unfairly fast, which causes the heartbeat to be nearly too quick to get the color you want, so you have to anticipate it. Ah, well–I’m sure that anyone who can make it to that level will be able to handle it.

Polish Goals

  • Pixel Grunge Style?
  • Scanlines?

UPDATE: After some research, it seems that most of the effects like noise or scanlines are done using surfaces, which I know nothing about. I’ll definitely be looking into them in the future, but since I’m on a deadline with this LD, I think I’ll stick with the crisp, clean style that I’ve currently got. Besides, I have a couple other ideas on how I may polish things.

Time to get to it.

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  1. Sandcrawler says:

    Generally with mini Ludum Dare’s the submission will stay open for a week or so after the set time.

    Basically its up to you if you want to follow the 48 hour rule, when it starts/ends ect.

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