November Challenge failed

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November 30th, 2013 5:01 am

This year I was really ambitious to complete the October Challenge. That was in September. Then in early October I had nearly no time for game development. So starting only midway in October I figured that I could just postpone the October Challenge to November, since it’s more like a personal challenge than a competition. So I started my very own November Challenge.

But as life is, there are many other things to do. And I get easily distracted from what I want to do (or also called procrastination). At some points I wasn’t even sure if I should bother anymore. This means I only have an unfinished game (about in the alpha-stage I would say) now at the end of November.

Still, I showed what I have to some friends and they reassured me, that it isn’t that bad and that I should just keep working and finish something. This made me decide not to give up that easily. Since I (sadly) can’t do the LD 28 in December (only got one day time, maybe I’ll do a joke entry, but I’m not sure if it is worth the try) I will instead work on my October 2013-Challenge in December.

I also recently watched this video about Motivation which made me rethink my way of working and (surprise, surprise) motivated me. Jazza is mainly working as an artist/animator, but it pretty much applies the same to game development.


The 2013 Challenge is on!



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