Day 2 – To Do

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November 30th, 2013 10:30 am

After a relaxing night’s sleep, some Thanksgiving leftovers, and a couple YouTube videos to wake up with, I’m back to work! While checking the new posts for this mini-LD, I came across this particular post, which posted a video about motivation.

Now, I, personally, often have trouble keeping myself motivated. I tend to want to go do something else, like watching YouTube videos, playing a game, chatting on Skype, etc. and it’s been a bane to my productivity for many years. In the interest of giving the aforementioned video’s suggestions a try, I’m going to set out a clear list of things that I must get done today and organize them into “modules” so I can see the progress I’ve made. I’ll be editing this post to update my list as I work.

Major Goals

  • Mobile Controls – 100%
    Mostly complete, and much simpler than expected, thanks GM’s point_direction function. Still need to test it on a mobile device with someone to see how intuitive the controls are.

    Update: Complete, with press-dragging to move the blocks and tapping to create balls or change ball colors, if a ball already exists on the playfield. It’s actually very intuitive on a mobile device, which is pleasing.

  • Lives – 100%
    This was one of the shorter, simpler tasks. The heart is resized based on a global lives variable and is destroyed when the lives are set to 0, which also serves to lock out any controls but a simple tap, which resets the stage.
  • Ball Color Checking – 100%
    I underestimated the work involved in “Bouncing Ball,” so I’ve split it into two categories, now. Collisions work, with balls correctly changing the colors of the blocks they hit, but I don’t have any bouncing code implemented as of yet. It may prove to be complicated, and I’m not exactly sure how I will implement it. I’ll ponder it while I take a break.
  • Bouncing Ball – 100%
    Finally managed to get this implemented. Not only did decent bouncing take a while (and it could use some work, but it’s serviceable), but I came across a number of other things that needed tweaking and fixing in the process. There’s still one bug that I can’t reliably replicate that strikes almost at random, seemingly only when a blue ball hits an orange block, but only on occasion. I hate loose ends.
  • Level Progression – 100%
    This task was fairly simple, and I took advantage of GM’s defaulting unspecified array values to 0 to my advantage to cut down a tad on how huge the level array will be, at least in code. Now to type out the levels, which should be fairly simple–it’s just a bunch of copy-pasta.
  • Implement Levels – 100%
    There are currently 22 levels implemented, with plenty of room for more. My level system is pretty flexible, allowing me to specify how many rings there are (I’ve set up the rings in a switch case statement so that they’re rendered in a certain order), which colors the heart progresses to (a necessary control for the earlier tutorial levels), and what the odds are of each of the eight possible colors spawning. It worked out quite well, and I could easily add more levels that have different color spawning odds, but I’ll probably leave it at 22.

Stretch Goals

  • Score Implementation – 100%
    The current score is rendered on-screen, just above the heart, as in the original Unity3D version of the game. I had to look up how to make it always display zeroes to the left of the score, but in hindsight, it’s something I should have figured out, myself.
  • Scanline Effect
  • Sound Effects

Time to put on a game soundtrack and get to it. On a related note, while Hotline Miami has an awesome soundtrack in the game itself, it doesn’t make for good listening on its own. FTL and Super Meat Boy are great to just listen to, though. If you can think of some others, let me know.

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  1. lazyeels says:

    FTL has a great soundtrack! Check out Jim Guthrie of Sword and Sworcery, anything by Disaster Piece i.e. Fez etc. Also C418 – nice couple of albums for Minecraft. :-)

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