Mini Ludum Dare #47 Announcement – Humble Beginnings

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November 28th, 2013 2:41 pm

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EDIT: MiniLD 47 is over! Thank you to everyone who participated!

As game developers, we not only develop games, we develop ourselves. There’s no doubt that every single one of us has improved since our beginnings. Now, it’s time to see just how far we’ve come. It’s time for…

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Your task this weekend (Nov 29-Dec 1) is to find the very first game you have ever made (no, I’m not talking about that pong clone you made while going through a tutorial, I’m talking about your first original game) and remake it using the techniques, tools, and skills that you’ve acquired since then.

While crunching through code, look back at your game and note graphics/gameplay/music that you would have done differently today. The more, the better!



  1. Find the earliest game you have made in the past
  2. Remake it
  3. Include both versions (if possible) in your submission
  4. Disregard the previous three rules and go make whatever you want! I’m not going to stop you!


“What if all remnants of my first game have disappeared off the face of the planet?”

  • You could either remake as much as you remember, or choose a later game!

Submissions will be open until Wednesday Dec 4.

Now get out there, make that game, and never stop improving!


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22 Responses to “Mini Ludum Dare #47 Announcement – Humble Beginnings”

  1. GameMakingMan1 says:

    Well, the funny thing is, the first original game I ever made was for Mini Ludum Dare 46, LOL. So I’ll just do that.

  2. Yaru says:

    I LOVE the theme. This could be very great 😀

  3. Ace says:

    Wow, I just realized that I have no idea what my first game was.

    I grew up with the game Colobot, so I’ve been programming ever since I had a computer that could run things, and I was using GameMaker before I even knew what the word ‘programming’ was. Drag and drop didn’t leave much need for writing code as a (I think) 9 year old.

    No idea what the first original game I made actually is, though I have vague memories of a sort of reverse-pong I did by modifying a tutorial.

    I think I’m going to be a bit cheap and grab a game from files I actually have backed up though, so I can throw in a copy of the original version.

  4. Holofire says:

    Hah, well the first game I actually made and finished was my Ludum Dare 26 game Pix. I was planning to remake it, so now is a pretty good time too do it.

  5. zaratustra says:

    My first game is in a 5 1/4″ disk. For the MSX.

  6. tametick says:

    hrm. might do the first game i actually completed, which was for a game jam in early 2008 :)

  7. xgeovanni says:

    My problem is that I did just that a few weeks ago. Oh well.

  8. shard123 says:

    This is an awesome theme!

  9. Madball says:

    Wow… That will be tough to remember… Well, I think I know the game.
    Oh, I just searched through my computer and found some very old games! I feel kinda happy now.
    Couldn’t find the game I thought about, though. But I’m still going to remake it as much as I remember.

  10. goerp says:

    Hmm, my first game was for the Commodore 64 and I made a game for that just two weeks ago. But I may have an idea that will at least be graphically better than on the C64.
    Not sure if I can find the original, I think it is on a tape.

  11. sealfin says:

    Hmmm, I love the theme but I no longer own the IP to the first game I developed that I also have the source code/assets to…

  12. KayZ says:

    I’ve written my first game ~15 years ago in Turbo Pascal and not been doing any game programming for more than a decade since I started again a year ago.. So, instead, I’ll take my first LD game. A game I neither finished nor submitted:
    This is going to be cool :)

  13. klianc09 says:

    If I had the time I would participate for sure, only other problem would be, that I’m not entirely sure which my first original game is…
    But I want to remake all of my old games anyway someday, although it won’t happen this weekend.

  14. juaxix says:

    Wow, that would be complicated, the first game I tried to make was in an Amstrad CPC in BASIC but I cant remember it very good :] any suggestion?

  15. arrogant.gamer says:

    Ha ha, I like this. My first game was for LD26 and it was a Twine game. I’m not sure that I’ve learned a great deal that could really be used to improve that game in the mean-time. At the time, I wanted the player to be able to “leave a mark” on the game, and I wanted twitter intergation so that you could take a “snapshot” of something delicate that you found.

    Actually, wow, I could totally do that and it would rock. I don’t have time this weekend, but maybe later. Thanks for making me think about it, though!

  16. fferro234 says:

    I love the concept for this mini dare. These mini dares need to be announced a little farther out though. I guess I wouldn’t of been able to do it this weekend anyways, but I didnt see this post until now, and I check this website pretty often. At least a week or 2 heads up would be helpful though.

  17. GaTechGrad says:

    I created a remake of my first RPG that I wrote on my 386 in QBasic back in 1995. Unfortunately, I was busy yesterday, so I only got to work on it today. I’ve included “THEN” and “NOW” comparison pictures. If I have some time this week, I will try to add music as well.

  18. Gemberkoekje says:

    I already did this once upon a time, I won’t be lame and submit it but here’s a video:

  19. GFM says:

    Nooooo. Why did I miss this one… >_<
    I did sometime ago a port of my first game (ignoring that Space Invaders Clone and all the unfinished RPG Maker/SDL+C++ stuff) to windows (usign SDL + OpenGL + C++)… But it wasn't a remake of the game.
    Now I fell like doing it!
    Unfortunately, I doubt I'll have enough time before the 4th. I have +/- 9 free hours per day, for the next two days… I'll see what I can do during that time. If I'm not done by the deadline, I'll try to complete it by next week.

  20. DaVince says:

    What? Oh, it’s over before I even knew about it. I might just use this for one of the other compos, though. :)

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