I was planning to create a 2D game with LWJGL for LD. I know my way around OpenGL and everything but I haven’t been able to create a tile system with VBO’s, has anyone done it and / or could you give me any tips for doing it. ? Thanks for any answers.

With modern OpenGL I mean not using glBegin(), glEnd(), glTranslatef();

In other news here’s a link to a forum post about faster rendering in OpenGL with VBO’s, something you should really look in to. Here’s the link : http://www.java-gaming.org/index.php?topic=28209.0


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  1. whizzter says:

    If you’re doing a “simple” 2d game you’re probably better off with “just” using client side arrays, firstly because they will be simpler to update per-frame (no need to upload data separately from rendering, just update and render) and secondly because you won’t need the extra performance. I did a demo with voxel rendering and if i remember correctly i didn’t see any need for actual buffer objects until i was in the 100k’s of polys. In reality you will probably be fine with “classic” GL in regards to performance on the desktop but the code won’t easily port to mobile.

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