Yay for Sharks in Cars!

Posted by (twitter: @S0lll0s)
November 2nd, 2013 9:16 am

Yay, this is my first ludum dare and…. I’m doing solo! [because noone has time, I’d like someone else working with me]


that’s the sound cars make when they collide. I’m making a top-down derby-racing game.
Therefore my game is called CarDonk.

So yeah… I’ve never really finished a game, so I hope the Mini-LD is long enough for me to comp(l)ete.
I hope I’ll be back in the december jam with some friends.

So far I have cars and an awful tileset.


I’m working with HaXePunk and will probably be able to ship to windows, linux and mac!

Let’s hope it works out.

2 Responses to “Yay for Sharks in Cars!”

  1. goerp says:

    The cars look good!

    • S0lll0s says:

      thanks, I had to draw it from the four cardinal directions so it looks kind of right in the isometric view.

      I would’ve done the 45° images too but thats just too hardcore to draw (I’d have to draw an isometric car at 45° but rotated -45°, which looks extremely weird).

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