Sky Hawks is Complete!

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November 1st, 2013 10:07 pm

Every year, for the past 3 years I have used the October Challenge as a way to motivate me to finish Sky Hawks. I originally started this game to teach me how to use Unity. I learned a lot of hard and soft development skills. I will be forever grateful for that. After 3 unsucessful attempts, I’m releasing this game as a free vertical slice. It’s currently free on I’ve had a lot of fun making this game.  It feels good to mark a game as ‘done’.

I ended up cutting a lot of content. While this was painful, I realized that I could either work on this game forever, or I could pursue some other projects. There’s stuff I’d want to add, but it’s time to just finish things.

Finishing is a skill, and it is a state of mind. This game is done, for now at least. Anyway, even though it’s a day late, would you mind giving it a play? To complete the challenge, feel free to tip me a buck. Thank you to this community! It pushes me to try to be awesome everyday.

Play Now! 


  • Screen searing special attacks
  • Unique enemies that attack in waves
  • Giant Bosses that fill the screen
  • Power ups that allow the player to perform different attacks
  • Fully 3D Rendered backgrounds


Up Arrow or –  Forward
Down Arrow or – Backward

Right Arrow or A – Bank Left
Left Arrow or  D – Bank Right

B– Shoot Bombs
Space Bar –  Shoot Guns



Gameplay Demo:



Rocket boom 8-26 Level 2 Turret-8-25 a


OOOOOOOH I Almost Had it

See ya next October!

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