Need your help to finish

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October 31st, 2013 7:32 am

Well on the last day of the October Challenge 2013 I have managed to complete the first iteration of my game and publish it to Google Play. There is still so much to do to finish the game that I wanted to make, but I have beaten the goals I set for myself and I am happy with this initial product.

But to finish the contest I need your help! Please go an give my game a try on Google Play today! Postmortem to come. Thanks for your help.




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  1. MrBlade says:

    I can’t wait to see if you do an IOS release. I would pay up to $10 for this game on IOS.

  2. sorceress says:

    Just wondering, does one need a license to use a 747 aircraft in a game? Since it is owned by Boeing.

    I’ve heard stories of people using specific makes/models of weapons and military vehicles in their games, but without acquiring licensing, and then being accused of copyright violations.

    • MrBlade says:

      I know GUN GAMES (CoD, CS, Battlefield, etc.) if you model a GUN after a gun model, and it shares enough likeness to the actual weapon (textures, names, manufacturer, etc.) then you MUST pay for rights. This wasn’t really a problem until seven or eighth years ago, when games become so “true to life.” One of the first examples I can think of is Counter Strike: Source, the AK47 IS and AK47. The M421 IS and M421. However, if you want to use a guns likeness, say, the M421 silenced Colt, you could still model an M421 silenced Colt, make a few modifications (shading, materials, angels, fire rate, noise, etc.) and call it a “Silenced Rifle” a big part of licensing in games is the name of an object, and if you change that, and your model is not photo realistic, you often do not have to pay rights.

      I would assume there is a similar boundary with airplanes you could model based off of a 747, call it “Large Aircraft” make sure it isn’t photorealistic, and I am sure you would be fine. Also, if you plan on making money (as is the October Challenge.) I am sure there are different laws, copyright regulations, etc. I would think that if you intend on selling it you at least need to get a thumbs up from someone and or make sure it is not photorealistic, it has very little resemblance to the real thing, you don’t use the name, etc.

      This whole thing comes back to the copyright conversation of not being able to claim a popular object or activity. You can’t make a chair red, and then copy right all red chairs, it just doesn’t work like that. If you make an airplane game, and Boeing come after you saying “WE MADE AIRPLANES FIRST, GIVE US YOUR MONEY.” They are wrong.

      TL;DR: If you plan to use the likeness of something, make sure it is not so real as to make someone think “This is such and such.” Modify it enough to the point where it is different enough to the point where it can stand on it’s own.

      If you want to use the name, textures, model, the sounds, the likeness, brand, etc, I would DEFINITELY CHECK WITH BOEING AND SEE IF THAT IS OKAY.

      I hope that that was the least bit informative.


  3. savethejets1 says:

    This looks awesome! Great idea.

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