October challenge 2012… I’m still in!!

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October 24th, 2013 9:01 pm

It’s been a hell of a year and I was a fool to think I could dev/build/release/sell my game in a month. So 12months later I’ve finally got a version I’ve submitted to the app store and I really wanted to say thanks to all the Ludum Dare community for their support and interest in my gamedev exploits over the past year.  So heres some screen shots and a video of the game.

ZombieTales-FemaleZombie ZombieTales-HeliCrash ZombieTales-Industrial ZombieTales-LevelEditor ZombieTales-MoreZombies




Headshot compile video on instagram

Technically I’ve failed October 2012 and I will fail October 2013 because I’ve decide as a bit of a thanks to everyone that my game will be free until Nov2013.

The game isn’t perfect and I’ll continue to work on it but in the meantime you will be able to play it soon. (its been submitted to the app store just waiting review – fingers crossed) keep an eye on zombietales.com for links and info.

Here is a bit of a lowdown about the game features of Zombie Tales

Game play features:

3d FPS gameplay.
Console style twin thumb pad controls.
Simple tap to shoot accuracy.
Multiple weapons to unlock.
Ragdoll deaths.

Editor features:
100s of assets to use all included NO in-app purchases.
Change the sky and fog conditions.
Add zombies and a safehouse to complete the level.
Take an in game screen shot to show off your map.

Sharing features:
Once created and completed during play testing you can upload you map.
In your zombie diary you can access the Zombie Tales network to browse and download your friends maps.
Once you’ve survived a level you can vote it up or down.

and a final note:

WELL DONE! to everyone that completed a game and sold a copy. Making games is easy and fun… Finishing and releasing them is the hard part. :)

3 Responses to “October challenge 2012… I’m still in!!”

  1. Dir3kt says:

    Finally!! Congrats!! Looking forward to put my fingers on this one.

  2. juaxix says:

    Good job with the arteria assets, i used them in another project with ninjas 😀
    I love how you are populating the areas and the use of light , I suppose this is a game for Pc ,no?
    I would like a copy :)

    • dougalicious says:

      Yeah the Arteria assets and all the stock models moved me forward about 18months. I’m in 2 minds about using stock assets but as a sole developer I had to cut some corners somewhere. :)

      Sorry but no plans for Pc for a while. I’ll be aiming for OYUA next.


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