Announcing SharkJam! (aka Mini Ludum Dare #46)

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October 22nd, 2013 4:12 am


SharkJam is over! 87 shark-games have been made, which means this is one of the most succesful Mini-LDs ever! Thanks guys, this is awesome \:D/


Hey Guys!

It’s time for another Mini-Ludum-Dare on the weekend of November 2nd/3rd, 2013.

And this time, it’s

sharkjam by matthias zarzecki

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Yes. Isn’t it marvelous?


  • Make a game about sharks!
  • 48 hours time (give or take), on November 2nd/3rd
  • Work alone or in a team
  • External assets are allowed
  • Every genre is allowed. RTS! Action! Dating Sim!
  • Have fun!

“But Matthias!”, some might gasp. “How can we even make a game about sharks? That might be impossible!”

Fear not, friend. For there are a lot of fun and interesting angles to shark-games.

  • Make a game about cuddling cuty baby-puppy-sharks
  • Sharks in Tophats!
  • Sharks in natural disasters, say Hurricanes, Avalanches, Supernovae
  • The Dreaded Land-Shark
  • Shark-Fishing (Sharking?)
  • Business-Sharks, swimming through the ocean, doing insider-trading
  • Sharks vs. Kittens
  • Animals disguised as sharks riding roombas
  • Derp Sharks
  • Sharktopus-es. Sharktopi. Sharktopedes. And other shark-based monstrosities

“But can I make a game about Dolphins?”

  • No. Unless it also features sharks. Or it’s actually sharks in disguise. Or it’s some kind of metaphor for shark-ness.

“Can I also submit my game to One Game A Month?”

  • Well of course!

“Is that incredible SharkJam-Banner available in wallpaper-size?”

  • It already is, for your convenience! Just click on it.

Also it turns out that SharkJam will overlap with 0hgame on Sunday, which is about making a game in zero hours (during the daylight savings time switch). If you want to both at the same time, awesome! If you feel you can’t, the first part of #0hgame is already a few days earlier, so you can habe both jams to the fullest of your palate. Go check it out!

Submissions will go live shortly before the weekend, and will stay open for another 2 days or so later, to balance out timezones.

Have fun!


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50 Responses to “Announcing SharkJam! (aka Mini Ludum Dare #46)”

  1. Codexus says:

    Please somebody make that cat-disguised-as-a-shark-riding-a-roomba game! I need to play that!

  2. Pol says:

    FUCK THIS IS THE COOLEST JAM AND I CAN’T TAKE PART because I’m already doing another one. I’LL PUT SHARKS IN IT ANYWAY. Or maybe I’ll make a shit shark game in like 1 hour during a break. Or maybe I’ll do it for my own selfish self another time.
    Sharks are too cool. Help.

  3. Diogo Muller says:

    Awesome theme!

    Let’s see if I get to make something for this one.

  4. Businessman says:

    Count me in! Can’t wait to make a sharkalicious game.

  5. Draygera says:

    If I started writing a very basic game engine during my October Ludum Dare project, could I use that code for this mini Ludum Dare?

  6. granut100 says:

    SHARKS are Awesome! πŸ˜€

  7. juaxix says:

    I made up a concept last night,I’ll post more info soon πŸ˜‰

  8. dissonance says:

    I’m in for sure!

  9. ferasmi says:

    the problem is I am in another part of the world where the weekend is Friday and Saturday. So I am going to start earlier than everyone here on Nov-1st. I hope that’s OK (zero kills :P)

  10. emkmusic says:

    Hey all! I’m not sure if this is the place to write this, but I’m new to this site but was prompted to come here from Bacon Jam. I did music for a game this weekend and am hooked to the format. If anyone wants to team up with me for this, I make dark/suspenseful/dramatic orchestral music. Hit me up, eklassen [at]

    Quote from my programmer this weekend about my music: “it’s much better than I was expecting from a random internet stranger.” So, if that’s not an endorsement I don’t know what is πŸ˜€

  11. Teejay5 says:

    But my last LD entry is already about sharks!

    welp time to make a sequel i guess

  12. andarms says:

    I’m new around here and I have some questions: can make my game at any programming languaje?, ΒΏcan i Start doing the graphics and music before the date?

  13. guennor says:

    Oh boy! Gotta sharken my mind to make this!! It’s actually my first jam ever so i’m really excited!!!

  14. HeroesGrave says:

    Something _fishy_ is going on here…

    For a second I thought this was a repeat of “Blood in the Water”, but then I saw the shark.

  15. ananasblau says:

    Hell, I still have this <a href=""half-baked surf-roguelike (THE ONLY surf-roguelike) that needs more blood and gore. I won’t jam officially but in spirit.

  16. A quick search brought up this list with shark stereotypes:

    conniving and smart
    set out to hurt mabkind, having nothing else to do (Jaws)
    giving no hope of escape
    “circling” pray before attack (in reality they are just exploring)
    there are lots of them (not endangered)”

    I really would like to see someone taking those stereotypes and reverting them.

    An example: The player is a vegetarian shark, who likes flowers growing on the ground of the sea.
    His quest is to collect them while avoiding shark hunters.

  17. 0x0961h says:

    Oh. I think, I’m in. I hope, 48 hours will be enough for me. =) #first_timer_problems

  18. jammy12789 says:

    I’m Definitely In xD I love Sharks πŸ˜›

  19. Nnnnneeeedddd says:

    Hmm. Im confused is it too late to join SharkJam :(.

  20. JSandusky says:

    I cannot pass this theme up – all in. I look at the LDs now and then – but this is the first time I’ve seen one with a theme I actually want to go for.

    Any existing code I’ll use will come from my repos on although I’ll probably just use the Opal and Demina stuff I wrote for LibGDX (in the github).

  21. EatenAlive3 says:

    I’m in ;P it’s my way of redeeming myself for being too busy to finish LD27!

  22. Nnnnneeeedddd says:

    No, really I am upset. I have tried to join in with sharkjam and have been looking forward to it for weeks, but I think I have messed up the jioning process. PLEASE help??!

  23. Boneloaf says:

    “I think we’ve got another shark problem.” We’re in, curious to see the majestic and terrifying sharks.

  24. megruda says:

    Cool! going to be my first time. anyone got any time management tips?

  25. artiko says:

    hey it’s my first time here too!!! good luck!!!

  26. Case Martin says:

    No holds barred everyone ^_^

  27. voidstar69 says:

    I’m in. I don’t have any ideas yet though – time to put my thinking cap on!

  28. Christina Nordlander says:

    Dang, the banner for this mini-LD is adorable. Makes me want to participate, even though I’ve got neither ideas nor time…

  29. I’m not sure how the time zones are worked out, but I believe it’s past the 48 hours.

  30. OmegaNemesis28 says:

    So this is awkward. We went into this Ludum Dare, for the first time, and came up with Swag Shark : The Yolobringer.
    My entire team is like “lolwut, there is another Yolo swag shark? Who else is as random and acting silly as us?”

  31. Interjection says:

    Can’t join due to prior engagements, but at least I stumbled on to this site. I’ll be keeping an eye on it from now on.

  32. kylewatson98 says:

    I can’t submit my URL properly so I just put it in the description :/

  33. scooby dooy says:

    Can you use Royalty Free music in your game or do you have to make it yourself? – Sorry if this a bad question I’m a noob. =>

  34. KM says:

    One thing I’ve really noticed with this jam which I’m sure places me squarely in the minority is that the hero character is usually the shark, and sharks aren’t usually the enemy. I think sharks being neutral in the game is just about more common than the sharks being the enemy?

    Now why is it that we make the sharks the heroes when they only need to be the focal point?

    • HeroesGrave says:

      A game with sharks as the enemies would be predictable, uncreative, and completely reasonable.

      Does the LD community strike you as being any of the 3 things above?


      • KM says:

        I don’t know how predictable that would be really. I’d have to go look back at other LD entries to really see how that would fit. I’m thinking focal point/subject = automatic hero in most people’s eyes. I think if you had a compo with a theme of ‘robots’ we’d still see a lot less robot enemies but more robots as the player.

  35. juaxix says:

    I think some of us tend to think in the shark movies because we don’t even have seen a shark in real life…

  36. djdduty says:

    This reminds me of the fun I had over on the Ludumdare IRC awhile back with NeiloGD.
    If you don’t know Neil, know him, he is a crazy Australian trying to learn how to be Russian.

  37. Mr_ChoCho21 says:

    Shark with top hat.
    Must be made.

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