Ribbon Alpha Testing Requested

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October 21st, 2013 9:45 am

If you happen to have an Android device with an OS greater than 2.0.1 and would like to try out my game it would be greatly appreciated. You MAY need to download the game on a PC and install it manually. Any feedback you could provide would be appreciated. Please comment on the game, bugs, feature requests, etc.

Thanks, J

DL : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8575435/Ribbon.apk

Already suggested additions:
-Smoother line movement
-GUI Scaling for larger screens
-Increase menu scroll speed
-Exit app button
-return to menu option from game screen
-highscores or distances saved



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  1. Jellycakes says:

    Played on both Samsung Galaxy S2 and Google Nexus 10.

    Some thoughts:

    The scrolling cube enemies move smoothly whilst the line movement and player movement seems jerky.

    On my Phone (Galaxy S2) my hand obstructed my view whilst I used my right hand to move the line, so I couldn’t see what was in front of me. Switching to my left hand helped but not ideal.

    My Nexus 10 was much better though, the 10 inch screen allowed me to use my right hand without a lot of obstruction, it was even easier to manuever around the obstacles with the larger screen.

    All the GUI elements on my Phone were the correct size, however on my Tablet: The player, line and obstacles scaled to fill the same size of the screen as it would on my phone but the GUI elements didn’t on my tablet. That means the Timer Text or Distance text, Lives left, pause button were all too small for the 10 inch screen.

    As well as the little tutorial bit at the start being too small on the tablet but fine on my phone.

    Also the game over screen on the tablet is not wide enough to cover all of the screen, resulting in two reasonably sized gaps the edges showing the ribbon.


    Also did you know if you grabbed the line at the players position, you could move the player up and down, not sure if you intended that.

    Stuff to add in my opnion:

    -A way to return to the menu whilst in game (unless I didn’t see it)
    -Make use of androids back button, I kept trying to use it when I clicked on options but it didn’t do much.
    -Make a way to easily quit the game, I had to end the task.
    -Add a way to keep track of your top distance covered, or your high score.
    -I’ll think of more until you stream next time

  2. Jellycakes says:

    Also I didn’t need to download it from my pc, Did i straight from my Android devices. Both of them.

  3. Andrew Adams says:

    Thanks for the updates Jelly. As always your input is valued. I’ll work to resolve some of these issues, and hopefully have it finished in timer for the OCT challenge!

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