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October 7th, 2013 10:19 am

Hi! This isn’t directly related to the October Challenge, but it’s something I felt like sharing.

I’m working on creating a standalone version of my Ludum Dare entry from April, and while this has been something I’ve worked on now and then – there’s always the lows. Periods where I don’t get anything done, because I just casually use my computer for everything else – even when I sit down and say “I’m gonna keep working and get something done today!”.

So I thought that, what if I made a small program that monitored if the source code had been updated for N minutes, and then prints a message to my screen telling me to get on it? That was easy enough.

What if it, if I ignored the messages killed my browser and took away my music?

This is a simple shell-script, so it works for Linux, however – it can’t be that hard to get one working for Windows or Mac either:

Here it is

… so, let’s see if I’m able to get out of the unproductive hole I’ve been in for the last couple of months.


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  1. iforce2d says:

    I almost dare not do that, but it is a good idea. Will it pop up over a full-screen YouTube video? lol

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