Hey everyone,

I created itch.io, the indie game marketplace. It’s kinda like Steam but there’s no client and it’s completely open. Anyone can start selling a game immediately from anywhere in the world. People buying your game can pay what they want above a minimum price too.¬†Traditionally itch.io has taken a 10% cut of all transactions to pay for itself, but in celebration of the October Challenge itch.io will be taking no money. That means you get all the features of itch.io and you get to keep most of your profit. I say most because the payment provider (Amazon/PayPal) still takes their cut. If there was a way to disable that I would :).

If you’ve never seen itch.io before I suggest you check out the developers page to see what it’s all about. Some of the features it provides are free file hosting, game landing page designer, download and purchase¬†analytics, Flash/Unity/jar support and the ability to host your own indie game sale. If you’ve created a game then you can use itch.io to quickly create a webpage for it where people can buy it (or you can give it away for free!). If you’ve ever seen Bandcamp before then you can think of itch.io as the same idea but applied to indie games.



P.S. I’m always working on itch.io and adding new features, if you’re interested in updates then you can follow the site on twitter:¬†@itchio


5 Responses to “Sell your game on itch.io this October and itch.io takes no cut”

  1. Uhfgood says:

    Sweet! Too bad I don’t have a game right now, however, maybe I will try to finish one.

  2. TheLFMProduction says:

    Awesome place,now i can sell my game here at itch.io!


  3. thanks leafo for making this a thing<3
    you're extremely generous.

  4. tayl1r says:

    Nice! I’ve dropped my game on there already, it’s a fantastic website.

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