I’m working on expanding and polishing my entry from LD27 (Richard Was Afraid of the Dark) as part of the October Challenge.  LD27 pushed me farther in development than I’ve ever gone before (first time finishing anything), and I’m going to take advantage of the October Challenge to get it all the way to a releasable form. My plan is to get it up on Kongregate by the end of the month. Here’s a rough outline of my to-do list for the coming weeks:

Revamped controls – Instead of using Unity’s built-in character controller and collision detection, I’ve been working on developing a controller with more precise movement and much more stable raycast collision detection (no more falling through floors).  I’ve added variable jump height and speed modifiers so that you feel much more in control and I’m taking time to tune the player’s movement to the environment.  It’s already feeling significantly better than the compo entry, and I’m sure that it will improve even more as the month wears on.

Better gameplay – If you’ve played my entry (or read my Postmortem) you probably recognized the significant shortcomings in my level design.  For the compo, I designed most of the levels in the final hour before submission, which left absolutely no time for testing.  As a result, the levels felt purposeless and never gave the player any sense of payoff for their time with the game. One level required a lot of tedious jumping, but there was no other challenge to be found. I’m developing some puzzle mechanics that make use of manipulating the environment as well as some platforming that requires precise movements from the player.

Varied aesthetics – This goes for the visuals as well as for the audio.  There was one texture set for the entire game and one piece of music (although the music expanded as you beat each level).  Music is going to be a much more relevant component to the game and I’m working on redeveloping the level art and the animation and design for the character.  Art is not my strong point, so this will be one of the hardest areas for me, but I’m determined to have a strong showing.

Stronger story – Mood was my highest rating in the compo (getting #72), and I think that a lot of this is due to the way in which the story played out.  It wasn’t particularly compelling or revolutionary, but it seemed to connect with the players. I’m trying out a few story concepts, but I can guarantee that this element will make a return in some form.

As I’ve said before, I’m completely new to game development (and particularly this stage of it), so any words of advice from the community would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to give my game a play and leave the harshest reviews possible. 😉

Looking forward to working through October alongside the rest of the community.  Good luck, all!

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