Even more statistics?

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September 20th, 2013 7:49 am

Well, I’m crashing vrld‘s party with other things I was curious about 😀

In particular the difference between Compo entries and Jam entries.

Unsurprisingly,  jam entries get higher ratings in graphics:




Similarly their audio is also rated higher:




My theory is that these two give the Jam a boost when it comes to mood:



But are jam games better? The overall doesn’t show a major difference:


And neither does fun:


Same for innovation:


They certainly are funnier (disregarding a certain outlier…) which I wasn’t really expecting:


But the coolest thing is that there’s one category where the compo gains the upper hand (not by alot, but you can’t deny it’s there):



All in all, nothing too crazy here, but I wonder why the compo entries get higher theme ratings.


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  1. darkshadow says:

    Nice histograms they show a lot. Pleased to see that the mean rating is 3 and generally without skew showing people don’t just give average or better results but use the full spectrum available (I find people when given a choice to rate out of 10, give 7 as an average value). Certainly shows how unfounded the fear that a significant number of people are cheating the coolness system (so many posts are of people worried about people leaving 3 stars on as many games as possible to get the most visibility).

    The most unusual ratings is humour with a strong skew towards the unfunny side (even stronger for compo,that is hardly surprising as for our game someone not part of the team suddenly became enthused about the game on the Sunday and spent half an hour writing funny text endings something not possible for the poor overworked compo entrants!)

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