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September 18th, 2013 2:31 pm

Here we are! LD27 has ended. It was a great first-time event for me, so congratulations everyone, and thanks for rating, commenting either below my game of below my post – and of course, thanks for entertaining me on twitter while working!

However, I’m a bit disappointed with my final result. I know, I know, it’s fairly good for  a first-timer, but I thought Hackfield was better.

#227 Mood – 3.23

Okay, well…I have to admit that this is a kinda great result! Even though I expected at least 3.5, this is nice! I was almost sure that I’m gonna be the best in this category. I did what I could to do it the possible best, so that’s why I expected at least 3.5.

#343 Innovation – 3.27

It’s easy to understand. I mean, Hackfield in gameplay aspects is not more than a simple 2D “find-the exit” game, with some extra features. All those extras come to Mood.

#459 Theme – 3.28

In fact, this is the highest point rating in the list. Obviously, since the theme was involved in the game – but nothing special. I mean, there might be quite a lot of games that changes only the playground after 10 secs.

#466 Humor – 2.40

For what?! Why don’t you select “N/A” in cases where you can’t rate an aspect of a game?! Move on.

#569 Overall – 3.04

Well THIS was almost shocking! Maybe the fact that Hackfield works only on fullscreen and 1280×1024 resolution made this score so low. It’s still kinda low, though. Being better than 1600 games overall is not that hard, as we are thinking about the amount of mediocre/low-quality entried. By this, I want to say that most of unique and well-made game have got a better rating than Hackfield, and it makes me similar to some not-as-well-made games. And it makes me a sad panda…

#626 Graphics – 2.77

Well, yeah. I didn’t work much on it. Also, tiles are confusing. So it’s kinda fair, even though graphics was literally downvoted.

#666 Audio – 2.33

Siniter placement! Also, lowest score. What would you give for five 8bit-esque sound effect that were added in the final 30 minutes?

#879 Fun – 2.52

Okay, and it was the actually heartbraking rate. Last placed aspect of Hackfield is fun?! Does it mean that for most people (out of 51 at least) found it boring, or at least not fun…the nightmare of the developer. But I deserved it partially, since some aspects of the game is truly hard. Especially security level 6 that even I couldn’t complete yet!


I’m a bit disappointed, but making Hackfield was definitely a great experience (even when I was close to heart attack beacuse of the combination of immortal bugs and stress) and I can see why I deserved such ratings. Can’t wait for December, to create another game for LD#28!

See ya,


PS.: I think I should really start to work on Hackfield: The NetField Update…

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