THIS IS IT: Our favorite games (so far?)

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September 15th, 2013 3:14 pm

Well, Ludumdare 27 is coming to an end so we’ve decided to show some extra love to those games we played and enjoyed the most with this Top-8-of-sorts that I hope helps these games get the praise they deserve! (games are listed in no particular order btw).


PROBE TEAM” by Andrew Shouldice



Man this game is good! Pretty solid and very polished. Amazing graphics and atmosphere together with a fun yet challenging gameplay make this entry one of our favorites without a doubt!  If you haven’t played it already you better give it a try now!








“You will die” by HighQuality

You will die

Looking for a challenging game with innovative controls? Well look no further. “You will die” literally delivers when it comes to honoring its title. You’ll have a great time dying though!






“Space Hunt” by korfi 

Space Hunt

Can you believe this is the first game this lad (or lady. Not sure)  makes? We couldn’t believe it either! ( I wish my first games were as good as this one is). One of the nicest things of Ludumdare is the chance to witness the first steps of a game developer and give him/her feedback in return.










“Chicks And Dungeons” by Kotstulle

Chicks And Dungeons

This is an amazing gameboy-style dungeon adventure. Please bear in mind that  the music and sfx were borrowed from the epic Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening game (which is something the author him/her-self explicitly says in the entry description!).   I’m pretty sure ladies won’t appreciate that much the (ab?)use of the damsel-in-distress trope, but I think it manages to use it in a creative (although slighlty disturbing) way while seemingly merging it with the theme.






“MegaPunch” by Nick Weihs


Solid and fun multiplayer game (yes, you heard right, MULTIPLAYER!).  I hope people are still playing this because there’s nothing more fun than fighting other players in this awesome game!






“Kitty Force 10” by Raiyumi

Kitty Force 10

I truly enjoyed this game! It’s GORGEOUS in every way. A tad difficult but not annoyingly frustrating. The level of  polish in this game is insane!






“Hand Drawn Hero” by Ritzblues783

Hand Drawn Hero

Save for minor problems with collision and stuff this game is actually QUITE enjoyable. The hand-drawn graphics will charm you to no end. In fact most aspects of this game just scream quality. Totally worth checking it out if you’ve not done so before.






“Launch_0xa” by robertcodes


If hacking and solving riddles under stress is your thing (and I know it is) you’ll love this game. Creating the perfect mood for the experience is also really hard and this game excels in that department!








There are many other games we truly enjoyed… but if we were to list them all we would end up with a list of almost every game we played!

Anyway, here’s a bonus if you are still craving MOAR LD games:

Bug Buster

What is this?! Well it’s Bug Buster by yours truly (ConflictiveLabs).

To be honest we are all pretty happy with the feedback we’ve got from you guys, so a big THANKS to everyone who played our entry. All the support and constructive criticism this community always gives us definitely makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If you’ve not tried our game before please give it a go and let us know your thoughts on it!







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