Pinokio and Juliet 2113: post mortem

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September 15th, 2013 1:31 pm

so, LD27 is about to End (with capital “E”), and I think it is a right time for a post mortem. so…


the team:

ibis_ibis – art lead

caryoscelus – art, music, additional programming

lonely – art

kibertoad – lead programming

spirulence –  additional programming

pencil – game design, project lead

we speculated about the theme of LD27 the night before the jam. “10 seconds” was far ahead of all over themes, so we discussed, what we can do with it. first of all, we discarded all concepts, where you have to collect/shoot-up as many as possible in 10 seconds. with that the idea of “you pick something, you get additional 10 seconds” was discarded as well. I came up with this fight situation, where you sort of get “bullet-time” to analyze the enemy and plan your moves. in my head it should have been both intuitive and tactical and keep the player under the pressure – like a real fight. and when the jam started and the theme was “10 seconds” we were prepared. kinda…



UPs and DOWNs:


+ art. I think our incredibly awesome artists made a pretty nice job. unfortunately some of it did not make it into the game.

+ music and voiceover.  eternal gratitude to ibis_ibis for her angel’s voice ^_^

+ gameplay. it seems to me that we almost accomplished what we intended: tactics+intuition. despite the fact, that we argued about 500 hours about how the game should look like and be played. more of gameplay in DOWNs.

+ story. in my opinion, it is nice even for a short/simple game to have a story. our story has two endings! 😉 (not counting “you die” ending)


– gameplay (yet again)… let’s take it step by step:

– overwhelming variety of actions. we simply did not have enough time to make it right: leveling/unlockable moves, so we just threw everything in right from the start.

– perks. post-jam version has them, jam – does not. yet again – the dreaded Time (with capital “T”).

– no detailed tutorial or in-game help. see the “T’ cause >_<

– to sum up: it happens to be intuition > tactics, but it is not that bad. or is it..?

hit locations


all in all, it was my first time as a lead and I naively hope, that I did not terribly fail *_*

enjoy the game, feedback of any kind is always highly appreciated, thanks for reading.

Cf! :E

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