Mission Luna quick post mortem + Top 10

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September 15th, 2013 8:36 pm

As LD27 approaches its end, I finally find time to a quick post mortem and to highlight some gems from almost 100 ratings.

Mission Luna


This was my 5th LD and to be honest, the second time that the theme is not exactly of my taste. While the fun its the same, I guess I failed on extracting proper theme usage, at least the way that so many entries done brilliantly on these LDs.

The theme is announced at Friday 22:00 here in Brazil and I generally use like 2 hours on brainstorm then go to bed. I considered something like a collection of 10 seconds minigames… but then came to my mind a 10 seconds launch countdown and it was really a direction to follow.


Mission Luna was meant to be a close to reality space simulator with onboard controls. The result is a close to reality space simulator with onboard controls of insane difficulty. If you just crash on the moon or get lost in space, almost all the time, so do I. I can assure that there is a correct path, velocity and angle to enter moon orbit but as the game is, its a real hard task.
To make your life in space worse, the solar panel have a bug that hinder its potential to capture energy to batteries. Also, the dynamo is consuming just too much fuel to be useful – true is that all game parameters need adjustments.

There were few cuts from original idea (where you could land the moon and drive a rover) and some unforeseen difficulties in implementing onboard controls (the mouse control over levers and pads was a nightmare) but I really liked the end result.

Future – the post compo version

Moon and Earth will looks like more Moon and Earth. All the parameters are being reworked to bring the victory closer to possible; There will be more onboard instruments to help navigation, orientation; Battery consume from devices will be more gentle. Musics, more sounds, more aliens. Chances are that I return to moon landing idea.

See you in LD28 =)

And finally some amazing games on LD27

Warp Drive – Aswissrole


Royal Defenestrator – BasmanovDaniil


Potentiam Limitatam – biag


Keep Flying – bushmango


Spacecrap – celeron55


The Village of Lost Time – EpaceGames


10s Castaway – meszka


Clockwork Cat – patrickgh3


In the Seed – Snky


Fireworks – Schulles

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  1. ghRibacki says:

    Wow, I had no idea you were Brazilian too! =D
    Congratulations on your game, I really enjoyed it!!

  2. Schulles says:

    Hey! Thanks a lot for mentioning my game! 😉

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