Adventures of Shrodinger’s cat Postmortem!

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September 14th, 2013 6:48 am

Hello everyone! We are three young professionals from Russia. This is our first participation in LudumDare and it was something that everyone has to go through it gamedeveloper!)

the game


organizational issues:

At the time of the game, we were all separated and were linked exclusively via the Internet. Skype was included for 72 hours. Each person is strictly fulfill its role.

Davyd Widiger – 3D artist by trade, this time guided the process, coordinated all stages of development. Drew and animated the entire game art (backgrounds, characters, obstacles, etc).

Michael Lyubimov – a professional programmer. He wrote scripts and compiled the whole project in the game engine. Find all the sounds for the gameplay.

Evgeniya Egorova – an artist who painted the main menu, choose levels, GUI. Initially, it is not a planned party, Evgeniya joined us only the second day.



When a topic has already been announced, we had a 8:00 am. Before the start of the competition and we were not a genre in which we do our game, and especially not placed a bet on what that particular topic. The majority voted for the theme 10 SECONDS. We began to think of how you can beat this topic. Started inventing certain features.

There was an idea to make the racing game in which every 10 seconds to reach the checkpoints. Would have to write the physics of automobiles, model, huge open track, it’s all done in 3d + to be beautiful. It is of little interest and simple.

There was an idea to make a platformer in which the world is a visual change every 10 seconds. But I had to do visual content is 5-10 times higher, which is unacceptable when creating a game in 72 hours.

But the most interesting was the idea – to make the simulator competition to create computer games for 10 seconds))). Something like a parody of itself LudumDare). That’s just the problem that we are not very fond of all sorts of casual simulators.

Then we realized that it is better to do a platformer, as it creatively in any way we will not be restricted. Got the idea … NEED TO DO size level from the monitor screen. Because it’s faster, and it is logical due to the temporary limit of 10 seconds. Now was necessary feature. While we did not anticipate that the game will be about the cat). We just came up with the mechanics. One of the examples of good modern platforming – it’s Super MeatBoy. Hardcore, dynamic gameplay. Beautiful, stylish art. We do not like easy games, would like only the hardcore).
Now the problem is that if we focus on the MeatBoy, then our game will be very similar to it, and we wanted to make something of their own, no matter what it does not. MeatBoy able to jump over the walls …. LET A CHARACTER WE WILL PASS THROUGH WALLS! Eeeeeeeeeee) is a good idea! Make a stop in time to move through any obstacle, and if it appears inside the obstacles, the character dies instantly.

Then there is another idea … if you make a game about seals? Everyone loves a Kitty!)))
But we have something no ordinary cat … Schrodinger’s cat! He seems to be there, but it is not as if at the time when he was sitting in a box! IDEAL)

All it took exactly 2 hours of time, there is still 70 hours …


content Creation

Initially, all of the roles in the team have been distributed , and the programmer should not have to waste your time on the job game designer . So Michael already being sat and wrote physics to move the character . In Unity3D all the standard scripts for a platform , but they have bugs in some situations. Therefore, we used only CharacterController, but did not use the standard scripts of movement. The task was to make the character as you move ALIVE . To feel its weight , not as though it is moving like a robot on rails. It was necessary to make a cat with an inert , so it does not immediately accelerated and accelerated, and also inhibited . Further mechanical superposition was made .

Meanwhile, the artist was thinking how to make a memorable , beautiful art that can be produced in tons. If there would be a new idea , then at her drawing would take 10-15 minutes . Just do not pixel art … nooooooo . He is everywhere , every second pixel art making . Make a game completely in 3D is not an option , create 3D content that will look good for a long time . Not less than 2-3  hours in the beautiful characters , and it slowly for 72 hours . Had the idea to make a game in the form of sketches in a notebook . And the original, but the most important thing is that it is quick to draw. )

To create a mechanical movement of the character, the programmer does not need the picture cat , the programmer need the picture of one of the levels! In order to balance the speed and jump height .

That's the level at which the programmer balanced management.

That’s the level at which the programmer balanced management.

Of course, then wanted to make our character look like a cat, not the standard pink cube). The artist painted the character:

:3  [:3]

:3 [:3]

The game immediately changed! Mechanics character, multiple levels of character and he was ready for the 6:00 …

Needed the obstacles … Of course, the SAW! They move around and look spectacular (because they have an animation)


By tradition, the genre was made Jumper. Task is simply to reach the finish is too boring – still need to collect all the atoms) They are made entirely in 3D (for the sake of quality animation). It turned out all together like this:


By the evening we were joined by a cute girl Evgeniya (artist), who helped us with the menu and drew a second version of Gui.

By the end of the first day was done 10 levels … Yes as much as 10 levels.


The second day

Was immediately drawn in the main opponent of the cats – dog)


Just after the second day were made 4 more levels and filling them.
But most importantly, we asked other people to play our game, and it turned out that many of them could not even pass the second level O_o. We got scared – will have to simplify everything … It was decided to – to do the remaining 6 levels is very easy, and put them in the beginning. It was the right decision.

The third day

Found the music and sounds. Insert them into the game. The game became more alive) to make the main menu, along with the animation, the screen start the game, the final screen, beautiful transition effects between levels. Devil’s crossbow)) which consists of 3 sprites and 7 surfaces (we are not looking for easy ways XD)


Everything was going according to plan, it seemed that we succeed far ahead of time …


Deadline … panic). Left 4 hours from 72. It is necessary to choose the levels to make the right fullskrin (not to distort the image on monitors with different aspect), Mute button, the authors write in the main menu. GO THROUGH THE GAME AFTER fill on a server! AAAA HARDCORE!

Did build on the 17 level Collider forgot to remove the level impossible to pass …
Again did build that button does not work out of the game on some levels …
Again did build, forgot to do that character dies when falling into a pit …
Again did build, level 18 forgot to make colliders invisible …

But we still have time … Laid out the game for about a half hour before the end of the competition. A little nervous) and completely ceased to want to sleep)

Now every day (for 3 weeks), we read your comments about our game, poured on YouTube walkthrough for those who do not pass muster. Worried, but we are happy from the experience of the 72 hours.) Thank you all!

the game


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