Encourage fair scoring, play the least rated games

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September 9th, 2013 2:08 pm

Make sure all games get a fair score! Use the Ludum Dare game browser, click sort by least rated and start playing!

Or you can click this link: http://ludumdare.itch.io/#sort=votes_reverse

The star icon in the game’s hover data is the number of plays it has, and the smiley face is the number of times that person has played a game.


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7 Responses to “Encourage fair scoring, play the least rated games”

  1. yokcos700 says:

    To be fair, the only two games with no plays both have no link. And both have the same comment by the same guy complaining about the lack of a link.

  2. Antidote says:

    If they didn’t bother playing/rating other games, I’m not really thrilled about playing/rating theirs

  3. Sestren says:

    While I definitely understand not being very enthusiastic about rating an entry from someone who hasn’t rated anyone else’s, I do think it’s worth considering that many of them did put in the effort to make and release a game to the public for free, same as everyone else. None of them will get as many ratings as those who put forth the effort to rate a bunch of everyone else’s entries, for sure, but they do deserve at least a few people to look at what kind of effort they put into their game.

  4. LegacyCrono says:

    Actually, the Rating page is the best method to find games that needs some attention. By default it shows entries that have the lowest ratings:coolness ratios, which means you’ll see people that has contributed a lot by rating entries but haven’t gotten enough feedback yet. It also has an option to show the entries with least ratings, if you’re feeling specially generous.

    • leafo says:

      I do agree that the rating page is the best way to find games. But games that don’t get many ratings might get a skewed final score that might place them in a position they don’t deserve. The built in sorting mechanism doesn’t account for this as far as I know.

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