Postmortem: Something that seems important…

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September 7th, 2013 7:05 am

So I guess since everybody does one, I’ll do the same!

What I basicly did:

Stay awake till 3 am to know the theme and then go like: “Oh! that could have been expected…”

Next day I woke up got an idea about swords and combos and just went head first in to programming.

By the end of the day, I had the basic game down, which worked! I was pretty happy , and the day after I just spend my time drawing mobs and making som IA.

At two hours from the deadline(3am for me) I took an other computer and decided to make music, got it right, made sound effects, got them right to,

and submitted at deadline-1!

Great! first LD down! Obviously I forgot about murphy’s law:

What went wrong:

– Got a nasty game breaking game, player had 1/2 chance to not be able to play the other half of the game!

-Sound effects are far to LOUD! which kind of made the audio ugly, even worse, a peticular sound effect tends to make the game lag every ten seconds(Right on the theme!).

-GUI is just horrible!

What went right:

– I made the music in a rush, but people liked it!

– My ugly art wasn’t hated outright!

– It’s finished!


1: Music is defenetly worth it, I’m probably never am gonna reuse any sound effect,

2: Never test your game only once: do that many times!

3:Self promotion!



4: I loved the LD experience!

I guess now I followed the tradition.

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