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September 6th, 2013 12:09 pm

After rating a decent amount of games, I have to admit that some of them are quite good. Unfortunately this post is not about these.

A more exclusive club is this of the funny games. When I use the word “funny” I don’t mean “amusing”, or “giggle worthy”, I mean those select few that make you wish you had a spare set of underwear nearby.

To this date, I’ve found two extraordinary entries that I’d like to share with the reader together with five others which deserve an honourable mention.

Note that all these entries were judged by my unusual sense of humour. If your game isn’t here it’s probably due to a combination of the following reasons (from least to most probable):

  1. I don’t find it funny.
  2. I haven’t played it.
  3. No one finds it funny.



Entries Extraordinare

Romantic Comedy/Tragedy – Forever Alone

Well written and well executed, this game creates a solemn atmosphere surrounding a ludicrous plot.
The result is magnificent.

Similar to many games in the humorous genre, the gameplay has a small impact on the player’s enjoyment. Well, except the falling pianos I suppose.

Lavatory Humour – MY ASS

What can I say, while many had smoke coming out of their ears trying to conjure a witty narrative, a hairy ass just swept by and found itself drowning in a pool of diarrhea.

It’s not elegant nor smart, but it’s what the audience wants. It also shows the importance of silly sound effects.


Honourable Mentions

The main reason games found themselves here isn’t because they’re less funny, but because their creators held other priorities above humour.
The Storyteller – Extreme Trauma Surgeon

While the game itself isn’t much more than amusing, the intro is priceless.

The Musician – Keep Flying

Who needs to compose music when you can sing nonsense. (There’s also some cat dung and photon potatoes)

The Sadistic – Royal Defenestrator

Throwing cats, guards and whatnot out of windows cheers me up.
A good example of implementing simple game mechanics and giving the player the freedom to do whatever makes them laugh.

The I Couldn’t Think of a Title – Detective Awesomepants

This game is too good to be disregarded as humorous.

The Meta – 10 10 Second Game Design Lessons

It might not be universally funny, but here in this jam it definitely is.


That’s all, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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  1. Blooperly says:

    Hey my game is here! Haha thanks. (I did the trauma surgeon one)

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