Humorous Games – A cry for help

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September 5th, 2013 9:23 am

In jams such as LD, most games try to be good, some even succeed.

But then, a select group of games disregard the Overall category entirely, preferring to focus on the most elusive “Humor”. They may still be quite good, but that’s entirely beside the point.

After rating a 100 games or so, I wished to make a post about the funniest of them all, but unfortunately I’ve only found two 5-Humor-Stars games till now.

Please help me make this post by leaving a comment with them ludicrous/inappropriate/hilarious/inexplicable entries you’ve encountered.


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  1. fferro234 says:

    Here is a couple funny ones that I played. First is Extreme Trauma Surgeon Here is Black and White and Time This one is Count to Ten Here is Every Ten Seconds a Window Washer Falls to his Death Real Life Simulator And finally mine, Going in for seconds

    Not all of them may be 5 star humorous games but they were all 3+ star humorous to me.

  2. TobiasW says:

    Sure, here you go. Here are the ones I liked most, some already mentioned. The category sub-lists are *kind* of sorted.

    Funny dialogue or intended emergent humor:
    – Royal Defenstrator by BasmanovDaniil:
    – 10 Second Tai by Teejay5:
    – Detective Awesomepants by xel:
    – 10 10 Second Game Design Lessons by douglasv:
    – Royal Decree by darkshadow:
    – Orction House Panic by Dry Tree:
    – Way of the Gun by vrld:
    – Game of Throttles by Moosefly:
    – The Unbelievable Adventures of Kamil the Cat by kacperski1:

    Emergent humor that feels unintended:
    – Crappydoodle by superjoebob:
    – Time Loopy by DaleP:

    Funny in a what-the-fuck-just-happened way:
    – Low Battery by RHY3756547:
    – 10 Second Paper Flight by gamepopper:

    By the way, which ones were you two?

  3. TobiasW says:

    Seems like I posted too many links in my comment, it’s awaiting moderation…
    (Which is kind of funny, because all the links point to

  4. Pol says:

    Shameless self-promotion is accepted ? Okay then, here goes Tetchy Mrs. Sheriff Saves the Day :

  5. awppy says:

    Yes, shameless self-promotion.

    The concept and title of our game spawned entirely from the team dynamic and the mentality we brought to it. You’re a fish with big beefy arms and a large gun. The absurdity has a novelty to it that makes me smile, and then we added hats. Our artist, Wanyo, pretty much did what he wanted with the hats (with some outsourced suggestions) and a lot of them I didn’t see until I acquired them in games. Good for another laugh.

    But what really gets me is the upgrades. Part of the mechanics of the Upgrade phase involves reading randomly-generated descriptions of 3 potential upgrades in a 10-second time constraint to find the best one (or in some cases the lesser of three evils). Because these descriptions are randomly generated from a catalog of possible matches, some unanticipated matches actually made me laugh out loud. I’d love it if you’d all take a look 😀 (sorry that it’s Windows only D: )

  6. foumart says:

    This has what it is needed: Ten Seconds (Needed to Pass Legislation)

    Not sure if it is more humor or fun. 😀

  7. nintendoeats says:

    Also self-promotion.

    *********Diesel May Care: Quest for the Ten-Second Car*********

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