40 Games Rated – My Favorites

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September 2nd, 2013 8:58 am

Well, I’ve managed to rate 40 games so far. People seem to like “Best Of” lists, so here are my favorites of the ones I’ve played:

  • Make a game Game – This is definitely my absolute favorite I’ve played so far in LD27 – a clever little game about making a game. This is the kind of thing that anybody who participates in Ludum Dare can really appreciate.

  • Lost Pixel – Underneath this unassuming exterior is an addictive little puzzle game that will really get your heart racing. You are given a grid of random pixels and tasked with finding one particular pixel in 10 seconds. Each time you succeed you’re given a little more time and a larger grid. I got to level 30! Can you beat that?

  • Royal Decree – There wasn’t much to this game, but it charmed me all the same with its wit and packaging. All you have to do is watch the story, and then click twice waiting as close to 10 seconds between the clicks as possible. What really sold me on this game were all the crazy endings. I also did end up having a competition with my wife to see who could get the closest to 10 seconds.

  • Impact – A 10-second endless runner… does that make any sense? I don’t know, but I still love the style that just oozes from this game. Fantastic pixel art that sets a great mood for the end of the world.

  • Time Slime Arena – Nice little arena survival game w/ a surprising amount of depth and player choice. Lots of nice touches of polish in this one.

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3 Responses to “40 Games Rated – My Favorites”

  1. darkshadow says:

    You’ve made my day, I’d never have expected to see our modest game in someone’s top list!

    • darkshadow says:

      PS. The concepts for the other games all look fascinating… off to review them!

    • Well, when I first heard the theme, one of my initial ideas was a game about trying to click at exactly 10 second intervals using only your own judgement to determine when 10 seconds had passed. I thought it would be neat, but I just couldn’t figure out any way to make it compelling or interesting. So congrats to you for figuring out a way to do that. :)

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