De bomb Da bomb Players Response so far….

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September 1st, 2013 4:58 pm


In Summary:

It looks pretty good and sounds okay but needs more facing angles on the moving characters not just side on and some sound fx to go with the music.

It’s hard to workout to begin with but the actual game mechanics really click with people once they figure it out fully (HINT: THE OLD DOCTOR GUY CURES THE FLASHING RED PEOPLE!……)

The levels work well enough but needs to be more of them and the Collision detection needs some refining.


For every success there was a catch but the success i wanted was to introduce a decent game mechanic that worked well and i feel i did that. thanks to all who played and review my little game, every one of you made valid and useful remarks and certainly food for thought if/when i decide to take the game further!

……bring on dare 28!!!!

p.s. GO PLAY DEADLY SUNRISE!!!!, it’s pretty damn awesome, best of the jam for me by far!

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