Content thiefs

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September 1st, 2013 2:28 pm

funny story, my blog was geting a random spike in traffic. and upon further investigation, they were redirects from a bunch of crooked looking flash game sites. some in russian, some have gigantic, suspicious watermarks.áték/20130830/you-had-one-job

this happen to any other teams out there? i should be angrier, but meh. the credits&hyperlinks in the game still work


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  1. Gabriel says:

    Man, this happened A LOT with our LD24 game, Singularity (yeah, I haven’t heard about the homonimous fps back then). The game just poped up in dozens of sites like this:

    I didn’t care though, actually I found it quite funny! I mean, the fact that someone played your game and went through the trouble of creating an entry for it in one of those sites is some sort of compliment, right? At least for me, I think the most people get to play our games, the better :)

  2. stewthepoo says:

    haha yeah, i felt somewhat the same aswell. the best part is, the credits work as do all the hyperlinks on them. so we`re all getting a boost in views and such :) also, hardly suprising they nabbed your game, its wonderfull. dem thieves got taste haha

  3. LegacyCrono says:

    That’s something every Flash game has to deal with. You could make your game domain-restricted, so it only runs in a specific set of white-listed domains (e.g. your website, Newgrounds, Kong etc) But this kind of propagation has its advantages too! You’ve worked it out nicely if you’re getting some traffic out of it =)

  4. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for the compliment man! It was our game from last year’s LD, we ended up using that procedural engine into our main project, The Journey of Eko. It’s funny that to this day I still receive some traffic from it in our site. It’s not much, but hey, for a jam game that we didn’t even think was that great, it’s not bad! 😀

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