10 Second Gooback Post-Mortem

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September 1st, 2013 1:42 pm

I finally have time for this thing. Let’s do this!

I’ve been waiting for this LD for some time. A whole lot of time, actually. So you can imagine my disappointment and disbelief when I tried turning on my computer when the LD started and it wouldn’t boot. I was crushed. Add to that the fact that I was forced to start 13 hours late (as always, it would seem), and that the theme wasn’t inspiring at first, and I was seriously considering passing this time. I still wanted to make something, and I had my mom’s computer, so I drew some sketches, and came up with this-

Day one

Day one


Day two

Day two

I know how much you guys love these pics. I know I do :)

Anyway, I had a nice, simple concept for the game, which I was happy with. I decided that I won’t code anything before I sleep on it some more, and the next day I slept in. Great start.

I had to attend this meeting up at my school for a few hours, so I started coding the basics before that, and then I went to the meeting. It took a while, but it was interesting and refreshing, so I’m not complaining. Problem is, it was really hot outside, so on the walk back home, I got a serious headache. Like, a really bad one. I knew I was supposed to go to school for the whole day the next day, so the only time I had was that evening. I was in a really bad mood, and I went to bed early.

The next day, after the compo had already ended, I was feeling a bit better, but I decided not to go to school, and instead stayed home all day and wrote the game. I’m so happy I did this!

As opposed to last time, I had a lot less time this jam, but I still feel like this is a better entry than my first one. On to the actual post-mortem!

What went right:

  • I had my own game engine! I’m constantly improving it, and the LD was no exception, but this isn’t a bad thing. I was able to deliver on a better experience than my previous entry, and keep the positive stuff I learned along the way in a very ordered fashion.
  • I was able to achieve my full vision of the game, without cutting back on content. Granted, there isn’t much of it, but that was all I could think of, and I think it’s wonderful.
  • I have a lot of motivation to keep working on the game right now. In fact, I already made a few changes, polished a few corners here and there. I think I’ll take this game to the next level. I already have a lot of ideas to flesh out the concept, and I’m working on a post-compo version right now!
  • Graphics- are terrible. Even though I made an animation last time, and I worked a lot of time on the graphics, as opposed to this time, where I spent about 30 minutes on it, I still like it better. I feel like I’m progressing in a field which isn’t supposed to be my territory.
  • Level editor- from a programming perspective, it was a life-saver. I spent most of my coding time writing the level and level editor framework, and I’m proud of it. I didn’t realize it back when I posted the entry, but built-in level editors sale big time! I’ll try to keep this trend in my next entries.

What went wrong:

  • No time (I love that song, BTW) – as I said earlier, I had no time at all. For several reasons, which I will list below, I experienced the time-crunching madness of the last hours of an LD.
  • No content- I had no ideas for levels, save for a few simple puzzles. I had the time and the tools to build levels, but I didn’t have any ideas, so I was really stressed out to make the levels I had perfect in the little time I had left.
  • Turns out Java is a bitch. That’s right. Java is a fucking bitch. Why? Because I almost couldn’t enter my game because of its shenanigans- apparently, files can’t be read in the traditional  way when running the program in a jar. I made the mistake of not making a jar until a couple of hours before the end of the jam, so I didn’t know that my level storage system wouldn’t work. I tried opening the files containing the level data through some methods I found after frantic searching on the internet, but it didn’t work. Finally, I copied the data and put it in an array inside the program. Fucking disgusting. It got the job done, but I almost had a heart attack along the way. Being so close to the finish line, only to be dragged back by your own tool was almost too much to bear.

So here’s my game – http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-27/?action=preview&uid=22590

Please rate it and enjoy! Happy rating, everyone!

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