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We released our game ‘Mr. Moore’s Last Seconds‘ here on Ludum Dare as our entry for the 72 hour jam. This game was made from scratch with no used or re-used assets. The interesting thing is, that we actually posted the game on NewGrounds, you know, just to see what the community over there would think. The creator of ‘Clockwork Cat’, ‘Captain Jack’, ‘Pull The Wire’ and more also did the same. They got the same result! I don’t know about those guys, but I’m overjoyed that our game got Front-Page on NewGrounds. Also, when we thought it couldn’t get any more awesome, Adobe decided to announce it as the ‘Gaming Rocks Pick of the Week’. The game has ~25,500 as of this post, and for us, that’s a huge achievement.

We created a small team called ‘Hexaton Games‘, and we would really appreciate it if you followed us on either Facebook(link) or Twitter(link)! If you have played the game, and you like it, the you would be doing us a huge favour by supporting us and getting the games OST for only $1 (link). We really do hope to make some more awesome games for you guys.


Anyway, I guess the main purpose of this post is to encourage the Ludum Dare developers to post the game on NewGrounds, try and get a little attention from it. I mean, you deserve it, you made a game in 72 hours, and you should all be damn proud of yourselves no matter how big or how small it was. You actually made a game. If you didn’t, or you didn’t finish in time, just try making your ideas a little smaller until you know you can develop them. We personally can not wait for the next Ludum Dare!

You can play the game at NewGrounds HERE!


Joey (Hexaton Games)

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